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2 Amazing Ways to Fix Broken Lipstick | Makeup Lessons

There’ s absolutely nothing worse than breaking a brand new tube of your favorite lip stick! Luckily, I’ ve discovered two amazing  ways to repair broken lipstick so it’ s good as brand new. Check out my ideas in the post below!

A broken tube of lipstick could be the worst! I used to head to the lipstick aisle every time my own would break, but now I don’ t have to. (As much as I love an excuse to buy new lipstick, it’ s such a bummer when a brand new one  breaks! ) I’ ve discovered two different ways to fix broken lip stick so you can keep using it after it breaks. These incredible makeup hacks  will save you a trip to Sephora and won’ t cost you a dime! So you can save up to buy a lot more makeup. 😉

Lipstick tube broken by 50 %? Don’ t throw it away just yet! I’ ve found 2 different ways to bring a broken tube of lipstick back to lifetime so it’ s good as new. Did you know that the key to fixing broken lipstick is to heat the edge having a lighter and reattach it? You can also melt lipstick straight down and pour it into a contact lens case, then work with a lip brush to apply! Both of these methods are fantastic  methods to fixing broken lipstick, and they’ re totally affordable.

In the makeup  tutorials below, I’ lmost all show you how to achieve both of these makeup hacks, so you can select which one works best for you! Both of them are super basic, so you can try them on all of your favorite lipsticks!

Are you ready to fix that broken lipstick? Check out the methods below and give these makeup tutorials  a try!

Option #1: Fix Lipstick with a Lighter

What you’ ll need:

  • Damaged lipstick
  • Lighter

The first step : Freeze the broken lipstick.

Fix Broken Lipstick Choice One Step One

Remove the broken lipstick piece from the tube, then place it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Step 2: Lighting the tip of the lipstick.

Fix Broken Lipstick Option 1 Step Two

Right after 10 minutes, take the lipstick out of the freezer. Using your lighter, high temperature the broken edge  of the lipstick  for a few seconds.

Step 3: Reattach the lipstick.

Fix Broken Lip stick Option One Step Three

While it’ s still warm,   quickly  reattach the broken piece to the lipstick tube. Lighting the cracked part to seal it.

Step four: Freeze again, then use!

Fix Broken Lipstick Choice One Step Four

Pop the lipstick back in the freezer to make sure it solidifies. After 10 minutes, your lipstick will be good as brand new!

Option #2: Melt Lipstick into a Lens Case

What you’ ll need:

  • Broken lipstick
  • Clean lens case
  • Candle
  • Spoon

Step 1 : Melt lipstick over a candle.

Fix Broken Lipstick Option Two Step One

Put your broken lipstick in the large metal spoon. Hold the spoon over a candle till the lipstick melts completely.

Step 2: Pour in to a contact lens case.

Fix Broken Lipstick Option Two Stage Two

Once the lipstick  is completely melted, pour it  into a clean contact lens situation. Pop the case in  the freezer for 10 minutes in order to solidify the lipstick.

Step 3: Ready to make use of!

Fix Broken Lipstick Option Two Step Three

Ta-da! Once your lip stick has cooled, it’ s ready to use! Grab your preferred lip brush and apply.

Read the video below to see how it’ s done:

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