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5 Beauty Benefits of Strawberries

By Makeup Tutorials / 10 months ago

Want to know what the beauty benefits of strawberries are? After reading this, we’ll bet you’ll be running to the grocery store to stock up on strawberries!  5 Beauty Benefits of Strawberries Strawberries are chock-full of health and beauty benefits! They’re one of the most nutritional fruits and despite their small size, they pack a […]


12 Game-Changing Eyeliner Tutorials You’ll Be Thankful For

By Makeup Tutorials / last year

We all know how important it is to line our eyes; a look is just never complete without it, so I’ve compiled some helpful eyeliner tutorials for you. RELATED: How To Apply Eyeliner Tips | Styles Eyeliner Tutorials to Hit Your Eye Makeup Goals You Need to Check out These Eyeliner Tutorials Today If you’ve […]