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How you can Shape Eyebrows Without Going To The Salon | Makeup Lessons

Learn how to shape eyebrows without having to navigate to the salon. This easy-to-follow DIY tutorial will teach you how to get ideal eyebrows on your own. How To Get Perfect Eye brows At Home, check it out at

Learn How To Shape  Eyebrows  With This Tutorial

With this particular tutorial, you’ ll learn how to shape  eyebrows in the comfort of your own home. Here’ s to more sweatpants and less driving!

Step 1

First, determine where your own eyebrows start and draw a liner as a gun.

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Before you start, create where your eyebrow begins with a pencil first.
image via  Divine Caroline


Next, find and mark your arch.

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Next, find the arch of the brow and mark it.
image via  Work Caroline

Step 3

With another line, mark where your eye brows will end.

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image via  Divine Caroline

Step 4

Outline your eyebrows by linking the lines you’ ve created. This will determine the form of your brows.

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Connect your lines in order to outline the general shape of your brows.
image via  Divine Caroline

Step 5

Now that your outline is set, you’ re prepared to tweeze! Before you get started, apply brow gel and brush your hairs to catch any that are out of place.

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Brush the brows just before tweezing to catch any stray hairs.

image via  Divine Caroline

Step 6

You can now start tweezing . Make sure to always tweeze in the direction your hair naturally grows within (this is a rule of thumb to follow for all hair removal). In case your hair is pointing upwards, angle your hand downwards to be able to properly tweeze it.

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Ready, set, TWEEZE!

image via  Divine Caroline

Step 7

After you’ ve tweezed the stray hairs, fill your brows in with a good eyeliner pencil . Anytime filling your brows, be sure to do it as a gradient — light at the beginning, darker near the end. For lighter tresses, do light, wispy strokes.

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Right after you’ ve plucked, fill your eyebrows in utilizing a gradient pattern.

image via  Divine Caroline

Action 8

Once you have finished filling in your eyebrows, brush the hair in order to spread the color evenly. (The final thing you want are Muppet brows! )

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Comb your eyebrows to even out the colour.

image via  Work Caroline

And you’ ve just learn how to shape  eyebrows! Wasn’ t that easy? Shaping your eyebrows will produce a look that’ s more natural plus flattering. Remember that when it comes to shaping your eyebrows at home, exercise makes for perfectly beautiful brows!

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Editor’ s Note – This post had been originally published in January  2016 and has been up-to-date for quality and relevancy.

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