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Miraval Resort & Spa Announces New Health and Wellness Programs

Miraval’s new offerings include interactive nutrition workshops, fitness classes, and more.

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Renowned destination resort Miraval Resort & Spa, located in Tucson, AZ, recently announced that it will be adding 20 new health and wellness programs to its already robust list of over 200 wellness offerings. The new interactive classes, workshops and lectures were each carefully designed to teach guests ways by which to live happier, healthier and more mindful lives, as well as to reflect Miraval’s core philosophy of living life in the moment.

“For over 20 years, Miraval has been considered an industry leader and a pioneer in health, wellness and spa,” said Sue Adkins, Vice President of Programs. “Every day our specialists work tirelessly to make sure that we are integrating the most current research, industry trends and feedback from our guests to create the very best wellness programming.”

Launching in Summer 2016, the innovative new programming at Miraval includes:

  • Aqua Rhythm: This exciting, new fitness class utilizes plastic drumsticks to chisel shoulders, arms and core underwater, while tapping to the rhythm of the music above the water.
  • BODYSHRED: This high-intensity, metabolic conditioning workout utilizes a 3-2-1 interval approach to whole body training: three minutes of strength, two minutes of cardio, then one minute of abs.
  • DaVinci Body Boards, Level 2: This new class takes a full-body resistance band workout to a whole new level with a weighted body bar, BoSu, and/or medicine balls.
  • Gentle Waves: This class increases flexibility and mobility throughout the body with gentle, flowing movements in the water.
  • Hoist Roc-It Series: In this 45-minute introductory class, guests will train on Miraval’s state-of-the-art strength machines.
  • Ride & Release: This invigorating class features a full 40-minute indoor cycling workout followed by a 20-minute Myo Fascia Release using full foam rollers.
  • Rip Tide: This class alternates high-intensity cardio with slow, deep and powerful strength exercises using resistance tubing, hand weights and aqua noodles.
  • Turbulent Waters: Using nothing more than bodyweight, viscosity and the drag of water, this challenging class combines cardio and toning for the ultimate workout.
  • Authentic Connections: During this workshop, guests join a Miraval specialist for a playful, open dialogue that will be safely moderated. Openness and interaction are encouraged, but not required.
  • Journal for the Health of It: In this interactive workshop, Sheryl Brooks, R.N., teaches guests how to begin writing for a healthier lifestyle with a self-coaching journal.
  • Positivity, The Power to Maximize Well-Being: During this workshop, art therapist Rebecca Wilkinson, M.A., teaches strategies to maximize positive emotion and experience.
  • Transforming Awareness with Your Right Brain: Art therapist Rebecca Wilkinson helps guests explore themselves through dynamic and simple art techniques that tap into parts of the brain and consciousness that are not reached through talk therapy alone.
  • Healthy Gut, Healthy You: An interactive workshop that teaches guests how to optimize digestive health by discussing which foods to eat and which to avoid.
  • Ageless Beauty: During this lecture Miraval’s lead aesthetician, Kimberly Kelder, shares tips on how to stay young and prevent early aging.
  • Healing with Earth – Salts, Clays, Ashes and Other Healing Elements: During this lecture, guests will join director of spa, Cecilia Hercik, to learn about the unique and powerful benefits of Miraval’s body treatments and scrubs that utilize elements from the earth.
  • Spa Rituals – Enhancing your Life in Balance Spa Experience: This presentation, led by Miraval’s director of spa, Cecilia Hercik, teaches guests “how to get a spa treatment” in order to maximize the spa experience.
  • Creativity: Strategies for Thinking Outside of the Box and Overcoming Barriers to Creativity, One-On-One Session: During this creative session, art therapist and creativity expert, Rebecca Wilkinson, helps guests design a personalized creativity plan to spark the creative parts of the brain and increase productivity.
  • The Illuminated Path, One-On-One Session: During this one-on-one session, art therapist, Rebecca Wilkinson, helps guests utilize the power of art to access inner intuition.
  • Smart Muscle: The Prescription, One-On-One Session: During this session, Miraval’s exercise physiologists will use new wearable technology to detect stress levels in the muscle and create personalized exercise plans.
  • Positivity: The Power to Maximize Well-Being, One-On-One Session: Guests will join Rebecca Wilkinson, M.A., for a consultation to discuss strategies to maximize positive emotion and experience in daily life.

For more information about Miraval’s new programs, please visit http://www.miravalresorts.com/.

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