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Some help from nature…


Sometimes the best things for us originate from the most unexpected places. Extracts from plants and even the particular soil have nutritional values that can help keep us healthful and aid in the pursuit to be our best selves.


Just like it’ s important for all of us to consume the minerals and vitamins that helps keep us strong, the most crucial aspect of growing takes place in the soil. Authentic skincare Chicory flowers

A good example is K Vita C , a special form of vitamin C with antioxidant activity that helps to fight against free radicals that harm the skin. It helps relieve skin roughness and decrease the appearance associated with creases in the skin, creating smoother and healthier searching skin.


Vederine is a fortifying ingredient that helps maintain the skin’ s natural moisture content. It’ s made from chicory, a wild plant that can also be used as an espresso substitute!


Our seas give us so much more than just fish. The plant life underneath the surface is teaming with incredibly beneficial plants plus organisms like Mitostime, that is a concentrated extract that comes from a type of brown algae. This draw out supports our skin’ s natural moisture content.


The oceans of S. africa are teeming with plankton, which are made up of microscopic vegetation filled with Phormistim G , an draw out which helps to support the natural protective and anti-oxidant mechanisms in the skin. Phormistim G helps your skin combat environmental stress!


They are just a few examples of Nature’ s gifts to us, and also a reminder that there are so many incredible benefits to keeping the earth and oceans healthy and happy.

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