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Spa Pops Up at New York City Subway Station

A bustling New York City subway station may be one of the last places that comes to mind for de-stressing and relaxing, but recently the 34th Street Station transformed into a pop-up luxury spa! Improv Everywhere‘s Charlie Todd figured why not embrace the subway heat which already feels like a sauna and offer complimentary spa services to passengers. The spa provided infused water, towels, sauna benches, hot stone massage and a misting station.

While many of the spa guests were really Improv Everywhere performers, random New Yorkers enthusiastically joined in to enjoy a little much-needed relaxation. The 34th Street Station was an ideal subway location for the spa because of an art installation which provided the sounds of wind chimes and bird noises similar to spa music. Todd explains, “It contains the awesome art installation REACH: New York by Christopher Janney. Installed in 1995, the installation allows passengers to create music by waving their hands in front of sensors. It’s always been my favorite piece of art in the subway system. It enables complete strangers to interact together and share a smile, a goal shared by Improv Everywhere.”

Watch the Subway Spa video and then check out Improv Everywhere for more behind-the-scenes details.

[Images courtesy of Arin Sang-urai/Photo Juice Box]
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