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Step Inside Serene and Tropical St. Somewhere Spa

Take a look at South Florida’s St. Somewhere Spa!

Images courtesy of Eileen Escarda

St. Somewhere Spa is inspired by the serene tropical latitude of South Florida and invites guests and locals to come in, unwind and be rejuvenated by a variety of spa and massage treatments. An inspiring oceanfront retreat, this 11,000 square-foot getaway offers eleven treatment rooms, including two designed specifically for couples, steam rooms, a scrub room and rainfall showers. The spa also offers soothing co-ed Blue Heaven Rendezvous wet, which features a hot tub and relaxation chaise lounges. St. Somewhere Spa boasts a spacious co-ed outdoor balcony where guests can enjoy scenic ocean views or indulge in al fresco dining.

Diana Rossi, Senior Interior Designer at The McBride Company and member of the spa’s interior design team shares how the location inspired the spa’s design. “Spa design is about creating a sense of place. Since people come to South Florida to enjoy the beaches, we wanted them to feel as though the spa was an extension of the area. We accomplished this through the color palette and materials used. The design team selected travertine stone for around the spa because it evokes the sandy beaches and created a glass tile mosaic in shades of blue found in the warm waters of southern Florida. The glass tiles have a glimmering effect that is reminiscent of the sunlight reflecting off the tide of the ocean.”

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