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How To Safely Remove Press On Nails At Home

By Karen Lang / 6 months ago

Knowing how to remove press on nails is such valuable information to have. Now, most especially, since we cannot go to the salons to have it taken out professionally. However, as it goes, I got you covered. Here are ways you can remove press nails at home without ruining your real nails. RELATED: How to Strengthen […]


5 Beauty Benefits of Strawberries

By Makeup Tutorials / 10 months ago

Want to know what the beauty benefits of strawberries are? After reading this, we’ll bet you’ll be running to the grocery store to stock up on strawberries!  5 Beauty Benefits of Strawberries Strawberries are chock-full of health and beauty benefits! They’re one of the most nutritional fruits and despite their small size, they pack a […]


11 Anti-Aging Home Remedies To Help Me Look Younger

By Lorelie Alegado / 10 months ago

How do I look younger? We ask that question nearly every day, and it becomes all the more frustrating when we realize that anti-aging products can be pricey and are often filled with chemicals we can’t even pronounce. Instead of using products created in a lab, turn back the hands of time by harnessing the […]


Anti Aging Tips | How To Keep Your Neck Wrinkle Free

By Aileen Pablo / 10 months ago

As we get older, our skincare routine changes it’s focus into a preventional or an anti-aging skincare focus. It is important that we not only place value on our facial care but include the neck in our efforts to keep our skin wrinkle-free. Get more youthful looking skin on your neck with these little known […]


7 Easy Makeup Tips For Flawless Coverage

By Joanna Medalla / 11 months ago

Hate the caked on makeup look? We do too, which is why we put together this makeup tutorial for flawless coverage that’ll keep your look natural and beautiful! Put your best face forward with this natural everyday makeup look. Flawless coverage is the base for everything from classic looks to day time looks and can even […]


The Best Drugstore Makeup & Tutorials

By Lea Yu / 11 months ago

Are you shopping for makeup on a budget? Buying makeup can be pretty tough on the wallet if you’re used to paying department store prices. Check out our awesome list of the best drugstore makeup brands for frugal moms. Can’t decide what you need? Check out these brands that will help put you on the […]


10 Amazing Tricks With Coconut Oil

By Lea Yu / last year

Coconut oil is an amazing thing. Not only is it good for your body, but it’s has amazing healing powers and is just all around good for your mind and for your skin! I’ve said before that I am with coconut oil like people are with their favorite restaurant – I cannot get enough of this […]


Top 10 Beauty Bloggers On The Web

By Lea Yu / last year

It’s time that we tip our hats to some of the best beauty bloggers on the web. We’ve been scouring the web for some of the best beauty products, fashion pieces, and on trend reports. We know that one thing is crystal clear, the beauty blogs below that we’ve listed have all the the best […]


Waterfall Braid | Hairstyle Tutorial

By Liv Van D / last year

Waterfall braid has been in style for a little while and I dont think there going anywhere anytime soon. So if you haven’t yet learn how to do this style, there’s no better time like the present. Read on for tutorial! Dress your tresses with this fun and simple braided hairstyle.  This easy do it […]

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