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Tips From The Experts | How To Get In Shape

Want some tips on how to get in shape and stay that way?

How To Get In Shape & Stay That Way

Often we here rants about being out of shape. Why? Some of the reasons we would hear are our work taking over our lives and neglecting a routine workout that our body needs! Some would say stress is eating them up that’s why they are gorging into these junk! Another thing is that skinny doesn’t prove being healthy! We must put into perspective to live in a life of balance both in our activities and with our food intake! Follow what you need to do to stay in great shape!

1. Be Active.

During work times remember to walk around and don’t sit for the entire 8 hours. Take the stairs rather than the elevator if it’s just 2 floors up!

2. Exercise.

Find the exercise that you find the most interesting. This way you won’t have to drag yourself to workout.

3. Don’t Overdo.

A good 30-45 minutes of workout a day is the most beneficial. Overdoing your workout will disrupt your hormones.

4. Balance Diet.

This is a MUST. Eat the proper foods that will nourish your body!

5. Water.

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Another MUST! The body must be properly hydrated for blood circulation and also to help burn those unwanted FATS!

6. Sleep.

A sleep deprived person is NEVER healthy. The best time to sleep is between 10PM-3AM (these are the times where hormones are released).

7. Rest & Recreate!

Remember that the body too gets bored if you keep doing the same thing. Ease out relax and eating a little “not so good food” will help – just remember in MODERATION!

8. Stay HAPPY!

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Originally posted on November 3, 2014 @ 8:57 AM

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