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Wearable 4th of July Makeup Looks

4th of July makeup looks always show satisfaction, what better way to do that than wearing it?

Best 4th of July Makeup Looks  online

Whenever I hear Independence Day or even 4th of July, I immediately think of sparklers, fireworks, and good food (lots of food! ). It’ s also easily punctuated by red, white, and blue . All beautiful colors to wear on the face so here’ s some of the best makeup looks to celebrate American pride.


1 . Navy Drop Darkness

Navy Drop Shadow | Wearable 4th of Come july 1st Makeup Looks
Image through Kathleen Lamps

The first 4th of Come july 1st makeup look is by Kathleen Lights, using shiny red lip stick and keeping the eye festive with a dark blue eyeshadow lining the lower lid paired with a bold side liner and a swipe of white eyeshadow on the eyelid.

2 . Vampy and Bold

2. Vampy and Bold | Wearable 4th of July Make-up Looks
Image via Madeyewlook

This is one of my favorite 4th of Come july 1st makeup looks because it’ s different and attractive. Using a midnight blue shade shadow swept across the covers brought to a V on the outer corner, and serious red lips contoured with black eyeshadow is refreshingly dark.

3. Double Liner

Double Lining | Wearable 4th of July Makeup Looks
Image via Cosmobyhaley

Create a double wing liner using black and white eyeliner that a shadow on your lower lid with blue eye shadow. Paired with a red lipstick this look is a youthful undertake Independence Day makeup.

4. Glitter plus Blue Liner

Glitter and Blue Liner | Wearable 4th of July Makeup Looks
Image via Nikkietutorials

Nikkietutorials furthermore serves up one of the prettiest 4th of July makeup searches for us by using glitter under the eye and a navy blue eye liner to keep the look interesting.

5. Go Pin number Up

Go Pin Up | Wearable 4th associated with July Makeup Looks
Picture via Shaaanxo

Although this is more of a time look, this pin-up makeup look by Shaaanxo is straightforward and chic to wear outside on any given day. Although it wasn’ t really created as a 4th of This summer makeup look, it still very much looks the component. Using glossy red lip color and creating a good ombre eyeliner that starts from silver at the internal corner, going blue, to black on the wing suggestion. Very chic and very apt for Independence Day.

Check out this glittery 4th of Come july 1st makeup look by Angela Bright:


I   hope that I gave you inspiring ideas on how to wear your 4th of July makeup on with the Independence Day celebration. Definitely explore other colours aside from the usual flag colors but you can also just stay with red, blue, and white and show American pride your personal way!

Which 4th-of-July-look is your preferred? Let us know in the comments section below; check out another substitute makeup look for festivities by using rose gold eyeshadow .

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*Editor’ s Note – This post was originally published in June 2016 and it has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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