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10 Minute Makeup Tutorial

Let’s face it, most of us do not have the luxury of doing our makeup for hours in the morning. But still, we want to look put-together once we leave the house. Sleeping in those extra minutes can be vital for your mood, so if you want to keep a positive aura throughout the day, this 10-minute makeup tutorial is for you.

10 Minute Makeup Tutorial

Before and After the 10 Minute Makeup Tutorial
Get a fresh look all day without taking too much time to do makeup in the morning.

Want to learn the step-by-step guide on how to do your everyday makeup when you’re in a hurry? Let’s start:

Step 1

When it comes to everyday makeup, you can’t go wrong with using your all-time favorite foundation. Usually, you will need to apply a primer first to make sure your makeup lasts throughout the day. But that can add valuable minutes to your morning routine, so your ever-reliable foundation should suffice.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation with Makeup Brush
Only use the foundation that you can rely on.

Step 2

Your eyebrows tend to become lighter after applying foundation, so you must fill them in and make sure that your eyebrows are on fleek.

How to Fill In Eyebrows with Powder
Fill in the eyebrows as needed

Step 3

Using a lighter shade of brown, apply some brow powder to the crease of the eyes. This technique helps the eyes become wider and more open, which is exactly what you need when doing your makeup in the morning.

How to Open Eyes Up With Eyeshadow
Open up the eyes more with a light brown eyeshadow on the crease

Step 4

The best eyeshadow color to make eyes appear wider and more open is white. Using an eyeshadow brush, apply on the eyelids as well as tear ducts. You can also use this to highlight your eyebrows.

White Eyeshadow Makeup Looks
White eyeshadow is great for making the eyes appear wider and more open.

Step 5

Apply concealerto the areas that you want to hide, like your dark undereye circles or the redness around the nose. You can apply with a brush or your finger, but the latter is a faster way of doing it.

How to Apply Foundation With Fingers
Apply concealer to create a flawless finish

Step 6

Apply a loose or setting powder on the face to keep the foundation and concealer intact.

How to Apply Setting Powder on Face
Set face makeup with loose powder

Step 7

Since you’re in a rush, you can opt to not curl your lashes. But if you really need to curl them, it really won’t take too much of your time. This is the time where you apply your mascara. Make sure you get enough product in between the lashes.

How to Apply Mascara on Uncurled Eyelashes
Apply mascara even without curling it, if you really want to save time.

Step 8

It’s time to add color to your cheeks. Pick a blush that suits your skin the best.

How to Apply Pink Blush Perfectly on Cheeks
Pink blush always gives women pretty flushed cheeks.

Step 9

If you have a contouring powder, you can now use that to contour the cheeks. If you don’t have one, using the product you used for the eyebrows will do. What’s important is that you use a medium to dark shade of brown for contouring.

Easy Contour Makeup Tips
Contour a bit to frame the face more

Step 10

Line the lips with a liner for definition. Smudge the line afterward.

How to Use Lip Liner
Using a lip liner is great for subtle lip color

10 Minute Makeup Tutorial – Step 11

To complete the everyday look, use a lip plumper or a lip gloss as your main lip color for the day. Pick a gloss that is highly pigmented so you can be rest-assured that the color stays longer.

Everyday Natural Lips Makeup Look
A pigment lip gloss or lip plumper comes in handy when you’re in a rush.

And there you have it, a beautiful and flattering everyday look that you can do in less than 10 minutes. Now, you can sleep in a few extra minutes and stay alert throughout the day.

You can watch the full tutorial here:

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