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18 Star Wars Makeup Looks From Galaxy Far Far Away

Cosplayers and makeup artists have always adored the art and fantasy of Star Wars makeup. It’s no wonder there are quite a few inspired makeup looks to check out from the simple beauty look of Princess Leia to the unconventional makeup looks inspired by our favorite droids.

Indeed, it is amazing what inspiration we can get from our favorite movies.

Check out these Star Wars makeup looks that will surely have you reaching out for your brushes to create your own Jedi knight inspired makeup.

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May the Force Be With You With These Awesome Star Wars Makeup Looks

1. Rebel Alliance Beauty


This Star Wars-inspired makeup look created by the Pat McGrath is a beautiful editorial twist reminiscent of a Rebel from a galaxy far, far away.

This was from Covergirl’s makeup collaboration with Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in 2015.

2. Beauty Queen

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Wondering how else you can use your red liquid lipstick? Wonder no more. Of course we can’t just put the beautiful Queen Amidala’s look aside, it is quite easy to make and is easily one of the more recognizable Star Wars inspired makeup look.

3. Droid Beauty

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Let us add this hyperreal C-3PO makeup look to your Star Wars makeup ideas because it is amazing. Tasha Caroline made use of the magic of contour and highlight to give us a C-3PO look that is beyond your usual Star Wars make-up idea.

4. Imperial Beauty Editorial

This look definitely took cues from the Imperial fleet. Graphic lines and contrasts create that stark look and attitude evident in all Imperial troopers.

5. Realistic Chewbacca Makeup

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This Chewbacca face makeup is beautifully and artistically done by Melle Makeup. The multi-dimensional effect of using different hues of browns against the black and white paint creates a life-like resemblance to the beloved Star Wars character.

6. The Force Is Strong In This One

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A Yoda makeup look is always welcome but sometimes even if you’re a makeup artist, it can be confusing how to execute such a distinct look and I think Noelia Polo did an excellent job with directing the overall esthetic of this artwork.

7. Lightsaber Eye Look

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I have mad respect for artists who do eyeshadow art because it can get tricky and a bit too intricate for my shaky hands, but this look by Laura Ruiz is an absolute winner, the shading and those glitter add-ons make this Star Wars makeup look a winner.

8. Darth Maul Beauty

Welcome the dark side with this beautiful work of art by Alex Grbas. Notice the symmetry on this Darth Maul Star War Makeup look; that, in itself, is quite hard to achieve and so satisfying to look at.

9. R2D2 Eye Look


This Star Wars eye makeup work by James Charles has ridiculously clean detailing of R2D2.

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10. A Galaxy Far Away

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This body art by Emma Sundstrom is quite mesmerizing. The coloring work on the Death Star to the Darth Vader’s Red Lightsaber, the creative direction of this piece is beautifully executed.

11. Female Kylo Ren

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I’m putting this Kylo Ren inspired makeup look on my list of wearable Star Wars makeup ideas. I like how Maeva B. created a dark eye look that compliments Kylo Ren’s scar because it ties in the look pretty well together.

12. Vader Beauty


I don’t know how this Darth Vader makeup look is sexy, but it is! Thank you to Abby Roberts we finally know that the dark side doesn’t have to be all drab and dreary. I just love how feminine this turned out.

13. Kylo Ren Inspired Glam

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Another Kylo Ren inspired makeup look deserves to be on this list because I love the nod to the glam side with that smoked out wine eyeshadow and golden shimmer paired with a beautiful copper lip color by Sean Quinn.

 14. R2D2 Creative Glam

This is a favorite on my list. An R2D2 makeup is tricky enough but the use of white pearlescent makeup is ingenious in my opinion as it lends such a feminine feel to the whole cosplay look.

15. Lightsaber Battle Inspired Eye Glam

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This eye makeup look inspired by lightsaber battles is a standout because of the color saturation and hue. The whole artistic vision of this look is also quite original given the placement and use of colors.

16. Chewbacca Glam

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I love this glam Chewbacca makeup look created by Margo Felicia complete with glam lashes, winged eyeliner and full lips!

17. Eclectic Amidala

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Inspired by Queen Amidala, this look created by Carla Lopez is both unique and pretty. Distinctly Queen Amidala but also so much the artist’s own rendition of the character.

18. Porg Beauty

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Personally, I find this porg beauty look tastefully done, avoiding to be over the top with just a small porg detail on one side of the face and its play on neutral colors make this beauty look well balanced and very well put together.

The inspiration that Star Wars brings us is endless and I am sure there will be many more artists who will be inspired to create more Star Wars makeup looks in the future and we can’t wait to see them. I wonder if you’ll be inspired to create one too especially during this lockdown, who knows your look might be what we see next!

Are you a Star Wars fan? What is your favorite Star Wars makeup look from this list and why? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comments section below.


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