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2 New Glossier Generation G Matte Lipstick Shades Are Here

My friends often tell me they love my lipstick (I usually like to go dark, for example) but could never pull it off. I’ve created what I call a “lipstick immersion program.” The first step: Buy a Glossier Generation G Matte Lipstick (a unsurprisingly, a favorite of our deputy digital editor and natural-looking lipstick hoarder). But of all the lip colors on the market, Generation G Mattes are the best to transition those friends from lip balm—the shades are sheer, soft and deposit just the right amount of color. It looks like you’re trying but not, if that makes sense. (Doesn’t? before is the best one to help my friends start wearing something other than lip balm on their pouts. Even as lover of all lipsticks, intense hues included, I like to take a break from drying liquid lipsticks and thick glosses to wear Generation G from time to time. And today, Glossier launched two new shades in my the line of starter-ready lipsticks.

My personal favorite of the two is Zip. In the tube, it looks like a bright red. When smeared onto lips, the poppy shade gives lips that freshly stained look you can only get from a popsicle (or, maybe Benetint). gives lips the perfect popsicle stained look. Plus, it has a hint of orange to it keeps the red from looking glaringly Marilyn Monroe-like.

Leo, on the other hand, is much more subtle. The caramel shade is the ultimate “my lips but better” shade. Even for those who find traditional nudes to come off chalky. You could argue that one coat is almost undetectable, but two gives lips a warm glow. It’s the second neutral shade in the Glossier Generation G line.

Zip and Leo also join Crush (a raspberry), Jam (a vivid grape), Cake (a pinkish rose) and Like (a super sheer petal pink). Lipstick starters and lovers alike can find all of the Glossier Generation G shades at glossier.com now for $18 each.


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