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9 Weird Beauty Tools (and How to Use Them)

“The chore of brush cleaning is the absolute worst thing about being a makeup artist,” says Troy Surratt, who spends hours each day washing, sanitizing, and reshaping his tools. “This glove is an amazing idea.” Although most of us don’t have the same heavy-duty arsenal as a pro, cleaning our brushes is every bit as essential. “I once asked a brush manufacturer to name the number one reason why women replace their brushes,” says Surratt. “It isn’t because they get lost or worn, but because they’re so coated in makeup, they’ve lost their function. Sorry, but that’s gross.”

It’s also a one-way ticket to acne town, which then requires more concealer, which then results in more coated bristles — you get the idea. This glove reverses that slippery slope. Just slip it over your hand, and swirl the bristles over the silicone grooves. “It deep-cleans and removes pigment without damaging the fibers,” says Surratt. Pretty handy indeed.

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