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Acne 101: How to Bust those Blemishes Forever

It’s time to stop asking how to get rid of acne and start getting rid of it. Acne is a skin inflammatory disorders, so its something that has to be maintained. On normal skin, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells stay on the surface until they are washed away. On acne prone skin, dirt, oil, and skin cells seep into your pores and stay there until your body fights against them, causing breakouts and inflammation. Acne is your body’s natural way of pushing out everything that’s trapped inside. Unfortunately, acne is not curable; but it is very treatable. Here’s what you can do to live your clearest life.

How to Get Rid of Acne

When looking for a good skin care treatment, look for things that have salicylic acid and or benzoyl peroxide in them. These are acne fighting agents. Anything else may clean your face, but it won’t do anything for the acne. Having a three-step regimen is the healthiest way to go.

Cleaning your face is important, but a cleanser can’t just work on its own. After you clean acne-prone skin,  the second step is to medicate it by putting on a healing agent to help clear and restore the skin. Any toner, astringent, gel or lotion should work as a clarifying solution. Find a moisturizer that prevents breakouts. This way you are keeping your skin hydrated and fighting future breakouts at the same time.

Acne 101 | How to Get Rid of Acne on Makeup Tutorials at
Use products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to get rid of acne. via

Recognize what triggers inflammation

Acne is so complex that just about anything can set it off. A change in location, amounts of time spent outside, even what you eat and how much you sleep can cause a breakout. Keeping an acne diary is an awesome way to start your journey. Write down EVERYTHING. Stress at work, new jobs, relocating, even new medications you are taking.

Do a step by step process of elimination to figure out when acne breakouts begin? What has changed? Trackback to everything you did, ate, drank, the clothes you wore, who kissed your cheek, EVERYTHING. This helps you keep it all in check. You can now go back and say, “my skin was good until”…because, hey, it could have been that bowl of cereal before bed or that new hair product you’re trying. Acne is extremely similar to allergies, so it’s very easy for food, the environment, and fabrics to cause unexpected breakouts.

Wash your bedsheets regularly

At least once a week should do the trick. It’s incredibly hard to keep a fresh, clean face if your laundry isn’t clean. The longer you wait, the longer you’ll be sleeping on sheets and pillowcases that have dead skin cells on them. Washing your sheets is one of the best ways to protect your skin and body from breakouts.

Acne 101 | How to Get Rid of Acne on Makeup Tutorials at
Wash your laundry so your body and face can rest on clean sheets at night to help get rid of acne. via

Acne prone skin isn’t just a face issue, but a body issue as well. Body breakouts are common and are just as annoying and painful as face breakouts. Acne of the body is easier to maintain. Keeping your laundry clean and exfoliating regularly should do the trick. These are just the stepping stones in getting to know your skin so you can keep your acne under control. The more you implement these things in your daily life, the easier it will become. Stay encouraged!

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