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All of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Palette Details We Know Now

In the past couple weeks Jeffree Star has shared some major beauty announcements , but that does not mean we’ ve lost sight of the hotly anticipated Jeffree Star Makeup products Androgyny Palette, which has had fans rabid for the past couple of months wondering what the makeup artist’s second eye-shadow palette may be like.

A lot more palettes to look out for:

Yesterday, Star posted a photo on Instagram finally introduction the latest— right alongside his first eye-shadow colour scheme, Beauty Killer , which, if you can recall, featured ten different hues along with three separate finishes: matte, frost, and glitter. Even though the ‘gram only shows the palette’s exterior packaging, Starr captioned the photo, “ Introducing the #ANDROGYNY eye shadow palette…. Launching in MARCH. 10 jaw dropping shades. This really is my version of a ‘neutral palette’ but with a turn…. sneak peeks and shade reveals coming soon! #jeffreestarcosmetics #androgynypalette. ”

So while both palettes each have ten shadows, make no mistake that will everything else about them is different. The Androgyny Palette appears more streamlined and is encased in hot-pink leather with a bolder, simple font— no cursive in sight. And although the long-awaited androgyny palette was set to drop in the fall, it seems like we’re going to have to wait a few more months for ten a lot more Starr-approved shadows.

Whilst we don’t know much else yet, Starr decided to fall one more hint about the Androgyny Palette. Yesterday, the beauty vlogger and muse tweeted out a picture of him together with his BFF, Manny MUA , from last August, where Starr (and perhaps Manny) are wearing shades from the palette. Meaning, he sneakily showed us some of the shades already— and we just failed to know it.

As you can see, the particular hues Starr swept on his lids are a mix of vibrant oranges and softer blushes, the latter specifically used to edge his waterlines. (Hot tip: This makes the whites associated with his eyes appear brighter! ) While the theme from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Palette is “neutral, inch it’s clear Starr’s definition of “neutral” is far more unique than many other neutral shadow palettes of past. Yet that’s no surprise, really, considering Starr’s unique approach at the rear of his cult-favorite beauty products . Keep those previews coming Jeffree— we’ll be waiting around.

Now, watch since Ashley Graham takes us through her organized handbag filled with beauty goodies:

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