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almost eight Dermstore Employees Share Their Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Before I started working in Dermstore, my skin care routine was about as basic because it gets. I’ d take off my makeup, wash the face, put on some moisturizer and call it an evening. (And I hate to admit it, but occasionally I’ d go to bed with makeup still on with no cares in the world. )

Whether or not because of all the new products I’ m discovering  or prosperity of information I’ m surrounded by each day, my program quickly changed for the better (and became exponentially a lot more complicated). I had heard of serums and face oils and everything sorts of treatments before, but I’ d never attempted them or even really looked into what they were used for. At this point, my drawers are overflowing with goodies— and I am absolutely not complaining.

What Does a Typical Night time Skin Care Routine Look Like?

Interested in how my new routine stacked up to others’ close to me, I asked some of my coworkers for a glance into their nighttime skin care routine. Here’ s how 8 Dermstore employees (including myself) get ready for their beauty rest.

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** = Employee’ s Top Pick

Kaitlin, Content & SEO Analyst

Skin Type: Regular to dry

Epidermis Concerns: Dark under-eye circles, dryness, dullness

1 )   H2O+ Beauty Elements Shaken Not Stirred Make-up Remover

“ I wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner of all days, so my first step is getting all of that away as easily as possible. This makeup remover not only will that, but it’ s gentle and non annoying. ”

2 .   Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser

“ If I’ m getting honest, I don’ t love the smell of this cleanser, but I do love how it makes the face feel. And compared to what I had previously used, it’ s nice to know that I’ m adding nutritional vitamins and antioxidants while I’ m cleansing. ”

3.   Dr . Brandt Microdermabrasion (Once the Week)

“ I actually got a full size of this exfoliator in a membership box, and I’ ve been using it about once per week since then. It’ s really gentle, but still leaves the skin feeling refreshed and smoother afterward. ”

4.   Drunk Elephant Capital t. L. C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

“ One push of this serum goes a long way, so I’ m capable of apply it all over my face and neck after cleaning. I’ m obsessed with how cute and innovative the particular packaging is, and I really feel like it’ s assisted make my skin look brighter in the mornings. ”

5.   Luzern Laboratories Serum Absolut Luminous

“ Due to years of chronic stress instead of enough sleep, I have struggled with dark circles below my eyes. Aside from lifestyle changes, I’ ve been applying this particular serum around my orbital bone every morning plus night to try and brighten up my eyes. ”

6.   Nia twenty-four Eye Repair Complicated

“ I not only want to get rid of the dark circles below my eyes— I want to look young forever. I use just a little dab of this eye cream on top of the Luzern serum every night (and in the mornings, if I’ m not really wearing makeup that day). ”

7.   Juice Elegance GREEN APPLE™ Age group Defy Moisturizer

“ I use a lightweight moisturizer with SPF during the day, but at night, I like to slather on the moisture therefore it can work its magic while I’ m sleeping. This definitely does the trick— and it smells fruity plus refreshing. ”

8.   GlamGlow THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment Masque **  (As Needed)

“ I’ ve been on a face mask bender lately, trying out various treatments three or four times a week, and this one has been the standout. I use it as an overnight mask when the skin is feeling extra dry— like during the winter season or after a day at the beach— and I feel good because new the next morning. Plus, it smells like coconut plus brown sugar. So nice! ”

9.   First Aid Attractiveness Ultra Repair Rigorous Lip Balm

“ Maybe because of my somewhat-dry skin or possibly because of my affinity for bold lip colors, the lips tend to be pretty dry by the end of the day. While this product is a little too thick for daytime use, it works properly as an overnight treatment. ”

Ashley V., Merchant

Type of skin: Dry

Skin Concerns: Dryness, dehydration

1 .   Youth to the Individuals Kale + Green tea extract Age Prevention Cleanser

“ I prefer this gel cleanser since it provides a deep clean without stripping my skin. ”

2 .   Eminence Organic Skin Care Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer **

“ Three  times a week, I slather this all over my encounter and dé colleté. I have dry skin and I can not get enough of this product! It changed my epidermis after just one use. I wake up with a brighter, a lot more smooth and hydrated complexion. ”

3.   100% Real Coffee Bean Caffeine Eyes Cream

“ It is all natural and provides an instant plumping of the below eye area. ”

four.   This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

“ This particular Works’ pillow spray is an awesome helper to promote relaxing sleep. ”

Kat, Older Manager, Content + SEO

Skin Type: Oily vulnerable

Skin Concerns: Oiliness, milia

1 .   Consumed Elephant Pekee Pub

“ I use this particular bar cleanser, which is really pleasant, plus I like that will it’ s pH balancing and gentle. It doesn’ t get all my mascara off by itself, so I’ d use with a gentle eye makeup remover to get everything. ”

2 .   Eminence Organic Skin Care Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant **

“ If it’ s an exfoliation day (two or even three nights a week) I use this ‘ fizzofoliant. ’ This thing is so fun to use and odours amazing. Plus, I know I can take it traveling easily considering that there’ s no liquid in the product (you include water when you use it). ”

three or more.   Eminence Organic Skin Care Bamboo Firming Fluid

“ I follow along with either Eminence Organics Bamboo Firming Fluid, which includes a natural retinol alternative, or Intoxicated Elephant T. L. C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum , which uses the chemical exfoliants glycolic plus salicylic acid. Both are good for encouraging cell proceeds and discouraging the milia I deal with. ”

4. ilike Organic Skin Care Hyaluronic Time Erase Complex Moisturizer **

“ This adds humidity and locks it in for my night’ s rest. I like it so much I’ ve bought it for my friend and sister as well! ”

Stephanie M., Purchasing Specialist

Type of skin: Combination

Skin Concerns: Oily T-zone, dryness

1 .   iS Medical Cleansing Complex

“ This particular cleanser is gentle, moisturizing and has a little salicylic acid solution for the very little acne I get from time to time. I use this with either the Foreo Luna or Clarisonic . ”

2 .   CosMedix Chastity Balance

“ This is a little strong, so I spray it on the cotton swab to apply. This product cleans off any remaining makeup residue and it works amazing to keeping junk breakouts at bay. The smell is a little strong and required some time getting used to, but the benefits are worth it. ”

3. Nurse Jamie EGF Stem Cell Complex **

“ Heaven in a pump!   This is a lightweight moisturizer. I use two pumps at night and one for daytime app. This gives me a wonderful glow in the morning and is worth the cash. ”

4.   Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

“ According to Doctor Jamie, oils should be used to lock in her EGF lotion. The combination between both helps with my oily T-zone and hydrates any dryness around my chin. I personally use one to two drops at night— a little goes a long way. It might feel a little oily at first; however , my skin absorbs it amazingly. I usually use any excess on the neck and chest. ”

Annie, Content & SEO Analyst

Skin Type: Mixture

Skin Concerns: Hormonal breakouts, blemishes, vaginal dryness

1 . “ I begin my routine by removing my make-up with a cleansing towelette. I noticed that wipes won’ capital t remove 100% of my makeup, so I apply the gentle cleansing solution on a q-tip to go over my eyelids since I wear eyeshadow and liquid liner every day. Following, I use a rich deep cleansing cream and massage therapy it onto my face and leave this upon for about 10 minutes— sometimes longer depending on how sidetracked I get by what’ s on TV. Then I wash from the cream with a gentle foaming cleanser and splash our face with lukewarm water at least 15 times. ”

2 .   Eminence Organic Skin Care Balancing Masque Duo

“ If I’ m possessing a particularly bad skin week, I’ ll try to repair my skin with a face mask. I really like the Balancing Masquerade duo from Eminence because it’ s specifically formulated designed for combination skin types. Charcoal really helps to draw out any kind of excess oil and clear my pores, which is the things i need since I wear liquid foundation and am completely guilty of wearing my day makeup to the gym. ”

3.   ORGAID Age reversing & Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask

“ If I notice that our skin needs an extra boost in hydration, my first product is the Anti-Aging & Moisturizing Organic Sheet Cover up by ORGAID. This is by far my FAVORITE sheet mask! Our skin literally feels baby soft after just twenty minutes of this on. Plus, unlike other sheet face masks, this actually stays on your face so you’ lso are not confined to just lying down on your couch. ”

4.   Drunk Elephant Capital t. L. C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

“ I complete my nightly routine with some   T. L. Chemical. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum from Drunk Elephant. I personally use one pump of this gel and gently massage this onto my face, avoiding the eye area. I’ ve definitely noticed an improvement in my overall skin tone and consistency after using this. Since the night serum dries and absorbs quickly, I like to layer this with a rich moisturizer. ”

5.   TULA Skincare Hydrating Day and Night Cream **

“ Perfect for using all year round, the Hydrating Day and Night Cream simply by TULA   deeply hydrates my skin without which makes it feel greasy. Now that I’ m a couple of years away from the best 3-0, I’ ve been really diligent about conserving my neck area. In addition to applying this to my encounter, I’ ve been lathering this onto my dé colletage and my neck has never felt softer! Certainly helps to reduce the appearance of those pesky neck lines as well! With the help of this night cream, I wake up to nourished and supple skin every morning. ”

6.   Pangea Organics Lip Product

“ Last but not least, I NEVER go to bed without applying a lips balm. I battle with chapped and dry lips on a regular basis so I never step out of the house or go to bed without this particular. My favorite product at the moment is the lavender and cardamom Lips Balm by Pangea Organics. I have really sensitive lip area that always break out whenever I try a new product, but this particular lip balm is gentle and moisturizing on the dry lips. Plus, its unique scent is really calming— which is always appreciated before bedtime! ”

Liliya, Marketing Coordinator

Skin Type: Mixture, oily T-zone

Epidermis Concerns: Fine outlines, freckles/pigmentation, overall firm and lift

1 . Korres  Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser & Black Pine Firming, Raising & Antiwrinkle Serum

“ I started using Korres due to the fact I loved the smell and that it was a natural item. But I actually see results after using it for three months. ”

2 . Drunk Elephant ** T. L. C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum , Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil & Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream

“ I love that it is not really harsh on my skin. I am all about effective organic products. I don’ t have as many skin problems and I feel like natural is the way to go for me and see the end result I want. I love the results I am seeing, the fact that it is an organic product and how it feels on my skin. ”

3.   Eminence Organic Skin Care Cucumber Eye Gel

“ It is a natural brand, and I understand cucumber is great for anti-redness and puffiness and it works! ”

Gracee, Content Manager

Skin Type: Dry

Epidermis Concerns: Dry sections, dark spots

1 . Micellar Water

“ Since I don’ t use a lot of make-up, I use micellar water to remove my makeup. I bathe a pad and gently press (never rub) upon my eyelid area for about 5 seconds to remove the liquid eyeliner. ”

second .   Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant **

“ When it’ s the time of the week in order to exfoliate, I use this rice powder scrub. I’ ve been using this for years. I’ m seldom loyal to the beauty product or brand but I always come back to this particular. It’ s the fastest way to make dull pores and skin look glowing. ”

a few.   Nurse Jamie NuLips RX Moisturizing Lip Product + Exfoliating Brush

“ If I’ m exfoliating the face that day, I’ d use this for our lips. ”

4.   SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

“ For my dark places, and just overall antioxidant protection. ”

5.   Sundari Nighttime Nourishing Oil

“ I really like face oils, I’ d try anything, really, yet this one is my current favorite. ”

6.   TULA Skincare Hydrating Night and day Cream

“ Since I have dry skin I always layer the creamy moisturizer on top of my face oil. ”

7.   Dermalogica Stress Beneficial Eye Lift

“ When I don’ t forget to apply a watch cream, I use this. I love that this one has that chilling effect and comes with a massage applicator that makes application simple. ”

Jessica, Director, Promoting

Skin Type: Oily

Skin Concerns: Oiliness, breakouts, blemishes

1 .   Korres Greek Yoghurt Cleansing & Make-up Removing Baby wipes

“ WOWZA. SO good at taking off all my make-up AND can make my skin feel nourished and calm. I love providing a few at night. This sounds so cliché, but I’ ve always found my night time routine to be a pain. These types of wipes make the process way less cumbersome and frustrating. It gets me in the right mindset that I’ m doing good things for my skin. ”

2 .   iS Clinical Cleaning Complex

“ Hands down the best facial cleanser out there. It’ s expensive but it’ s so worth it. It gets rid of any makeup residue (for me, that’ s certainly not an issue after the Korres wipe) and takes off excess essential oil. The formula is silky smooth and rinses away clean. A little bit goes a long way! ”

3.   Clarisonic Smart Profile™

“ I have been a Clarisonic fan— using it daily made my epidermis change from three-dimensional acne bumps to smooth with periodic breakouts. The Smart Profile has a way better battery life and also a cool turbo boost button that I like to use about my nose (to get those pesky blackheads! ). ”

4.   iS Clinical Active Serum

“ I love the way it tingles in order to first goes on. A little bit goes a long way and I definitely believe this serum helps control my acne and gives me personally an even skin tone. ”

five.   Replenix Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum 10X

“ I’ m sure people are scared of a 1% retinol yet this one is formulated with antioxidants and there’ t something about it that leaves my skin smooth plus nourished— not dry or itchy at all. ”

6.   Replenix Power associated with Three Serum

“ This is my antioxidant boost. I use this particular after the Retinol to keep my skin calm and clean. Goes on silky smooth and leaves my skin gentle not sticky. I love it! ”

7.   SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore two: 4: 2

“ I love the feel of this cream— not really sticky or heavy at all but is ‘ thick’ enough to be my nighttime moisturizer. I apply it particularly on those pesky neck wrinkles (I swear these people look better already) and just a tiny bit on the face depending on the time of year. ”

8.   PCA Skin Peptide Lip Therapy

“ I’ m lip balm obsessed during the day and this one has a lot of active ingredients that keep my lips hydrated, nourished plus treated all night long. ”

9.   Jan Marini Marini Luminate Hand Lotion **

“ I use this no more than twice per day and a tiny bit goes a long way. I have perpetually dry fingers and this is the only hand cream that has ever really changed my hands’ appearance. It not only moisturizes plus hydrates all night, it actually improved my skin. ”

10.   This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

“ I love the lavender odor. For me, it’ s about the smell because let’ t face it— falling asleep is never really an issue for me. Meant for my restless husband, he says this spray helps your pet unwind and get to bed faster. ”

11.   slide Pure Silk Rest Mask **

“ Do you know we spend a 3rd of our lives sleeping? And that not sleeping on pure man made fiber can actually create sleep crease? Aka, lasting wrinkles? Goodness! slip’ s quality of silk is amazing plus makes sleeping feel like the luxurious experience it should be. In addition, the Sleep Mask is perfectly comfortable and doesn’ t crease my hair overnight. It’ s perfect for planes too. ”

Skin Care Routine Trends and Discoveries

A “ typical” nighttime skin routine doesn’ t exist. Even in such a small sample of people, our own routines are vastly different. This is because all have various skin types, skin concerns and product preferences.   However , we all do have two things in common— cleansing and moisturizing every night . This is unsurprising, together thing we hear time and time again is just how important it is to moisturize and hydrate your skin (yes, even if it’ s oily! ). And it nearly goes without saying that you should be cleansing your face every day to eliminate makeup, dirt, pollutants and anything else that could clog your pores or impact your skin’ s ability to protect itself.

Another noteworthy trend is in the brands we’ re drawn to. Almost all of us use at least one Drunk Elephant product— likely because their own line is clean and made without unnecessary fillers  (and it doesn’ t hurt that their  branding is usually super cute). A few of us take our beauty rest to another level by  creating a relaxing atmosphere using This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray . While I didn’ t mention it in my area, I have a bottle of this on my nightstand as well, and yes it smells fantastic!

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