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An Inside Peek at the Brand-New Beauty Book From Francois Nars

It’s easy to forget that Nars has a first name (it’s François—look left). The company Nars has soared to such heights that it often eclipses the makeup artist behind it. But Nars’s career, like his vision, has always been touched by the surreal—and the ironic. His empire has evolved from the 12 lipsticks he created in 1994 in an office “the size of a bathroom.”

A few years later, he aroused unprecedented excitement over an innocent-looking blush called Orgasm. And a best-seller is a concealer inspired by Lauren Hutton, who, he says, always hated concealer. There’s a reason Nars’s approach tends to be roundabout or even contradictory. An accomplished photographer who shoots his own ad campaigns, Nars lives behind the camera and behind the scenes. He considers all the angles. Then considers them again. His aim is to discover beauty—not take credit for it.

His new book, François Nars, looks back at his career with photos and quotes from the models, designers, artists, and family members who have influenced him since his childhood in the south of France—when he was just a kid named François.

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