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Anastasia Beverly Hills Just Revealed They Are Launching a Brand-New Product

When Anastasia Beverly Hills brought a few Marilyn Monroe realness to my Instagram feed with an image of artfully costumed Meat Starrr , my first thought was the two moguls are doing a collab. (And I almost started hyperventilating on the subway platform. ) I mean, ABH is doing one with one more beauty vlogger, Nicole Condottiero , so it wouldn’t be the craziest thing ever. Nevertheless , this is (sadly) not the case. Claudia Soare, the company’s president plus Anastasia’s daughter, later messaged that Starrr is just one of 17 versions she enlisted for the advertising campaign of a brand-new product. But you may be wondering what product could it be? ABH already makes one of our favorite liquid lipsticks , and can’t get enough of their Glow Kits . What else could they have upward their sleeve?

Along with the Starrr blog post, Anastasia Beverly Hills posted a couple more teasers for that new launch. Each post is completely different from the last. Fans did notice each model’s lips were the center of interest, though. Could we be getting standard cream lipsticks? Probably lip liners? Both would be natural additions to the company’s make-up line.

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Here are the pictures Anastasia Beverly Hills posted for you to opt for yourself. The sunglasses in one of the photos make me think that the newest product will definitely be lip-related. (Why cover up the eye if you’re trying to sell shadow, liner, or mascara? )

Some of the blogposts even include some not-so-helpful hints like “she” will get things done and “she’s” sexy. She being the item, of course.

No other details have been announced except that the new TBD method coming soon. We’ll be sure to let you know when we find out what it could be or even when it is launching. In the meantime, just imagine how amazing it would be to possess a lip liner to go with your favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills Water Lipstick shade. (BTW, mine is Veronica. )

Now, understand some lipstick hacks:

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