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Attractiveness Basics: Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

We’ ve all sported bad hairstyles at 1 point in our lives. Here’ s how to make sure this never happens again.  

I’ ll never forget the first time I tried a “ drastic” new haircut. I was in Europe, Paris to become specific, and my friends and I were walking down the Champs Elysees when we thought, “ Hey, how cool would it become to get our hair cut in Paris?! ” Spurred along with enthusiasm and adventure, we continued walking until we all came across a ritzy salon (but really, what isn’ t ritzy on the Champs Elysees? ) and plopped our large American butts on the plush, white salon chairs, eagerly awaiting the French change for better .

Now, I didn’ t know what I wanted, not in the least, but I have a good oval face shape with high cheekbones, so with the particular understanding that any haircut would work well, in my best bohemian , IDGAF voice, casually told my hairstylist to provide me something… different. It could be whatever she wanted; this just had to be different from the long, wavy hair We sported (and forgot to brush) every. single. time. So there she went, cutting, snipping and having a LOT of hair away from.

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It’ s never a good look once the first thing that comes to mind is: Holy sh**. I seem like Willy Wonka. And no, not Gene Wilder’ s Wonka, but the creepy Johnny Deep Wonka that gave every single child nightmares and sent every adult back to their own therapist to discuss their childhood and whether or not their dad really did love them.

What are I trying to say with this story? Well, 1) except if you’ re ready for a drastic change, don’ t request one, 2) even if your father didn’ t adore you, we do, and 3) always, always understand your face shape before deciding on a hairstyle.

The infographic below will help you determine your face shape in addition to which hairstyles look best and which to avoid.

Save it, pin it or bookmark this particular infographic for later!

Best hairstyles for your face form. image via Byrdie

Wasn’ t this infographic life-changing? If you discovered something new about your face shape or found the next hair for you, let us know in the comments below or via Facebook !

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