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Attractiveness Basics: DIY Split Ends Repair In 10 Simple steps

Split ends: the second mortal enemy of every woman on the planet, right after acne. Get rid of them with these easy split finish repair tips.

Having your curly hair trimmed is one way to battle split ends, but like great things, the benefits of a trim eventually reach their finish and we’ re left right where we began: with split ends.

For most of us, the view of split ends is an immediate turn off. Who wants to find frosty, broken tips flying around like a cloud associated with gnats blowing in the wind? No one.

Tips and advice to naturally condition and care for your hair.


Don't let yourself get caught short with dull colour and unruly hair.

When split ends are ruining your GHDs, put an end to associated with these easy split ends repair tips. They’ lmost all save you time, they’ ll save you money, but moreover, they’ ll save you from a bad hair day.

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These DIY split ends restoration tips & tricks will keep your hair healthy for years in the future. image via Lalpe Human Tresses

Any other tips for repairing those nasty divided ends? We want to hear them! Let us know via Facebook or in the comments section below and let’ s keep this conversation going!

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