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    27 Nail Hacks Every Woman Should Know

    By Joanna Medalla / a few months ago

    Today we’ll provide some insider tips on how your can achieve beautiful nails. You’ll definitely thank us after reading these useful nail hacks. Read on for more! 1. Remove nail polish stain with whitening toothpaste. via wackylaki Nails look yellowish after removing nail polish and that tint just doesn’t look flattering. Good thing there’s a simple solution […]


    Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally In 2 Minutes

    By Joanna Medalla / last year

    Asking yourself how to whiten your teeth naturally? Yellowing teeth can be major signs of aging and – let’ s face this – it can be pretty unattractive, especially when paired with an attractive red lipstick. The good news is that teeth whitening at home is simple and can be achieved in very little time. […]