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5 Beauty Benefits of Strawberries

10 months ago

Want to know what the beauty benefits of strawberries are? After reading this, we’ll bet you’ll be running to the grocery store to stock up on strawberries!  5 Beauty Benefits of Strawberries Strawberries are chock-full of health and beauty benefits! They’re one of the most nutritional fruits and despite their small size, they pack a […]


12 Game-Changing Eyeliner Tutorials You’ll Be Thankful For

last year

We all know how important it is to line our eyes; a look is just never complete without it, so I’ve compiled some helpful eyeliner tutorials for you. RELATED: How To Apply Eyeliner Tips | Styles Eyeliner Tutorials to Hit Your Eye Makeup Goals You Need to Check out These Eyeliner Tutorials Today If you’ve […]