Biofreeze – 100% Paraben Free, Herbal Pain Relief

Did you know that Biofreeze was first introduced by a medical professional who was searching for a way to assist his grandmother manage her arthritis pain? Fast forward in order to 2016 and Biofreeze is the #1 clinically used plus recommended topical analgesic. It is 100% paraben-free with an amazing herbal blend, and is available in original or colorless (dye-free) options.

The unique formula delivers targeted pain alleviation, and also has the benefits of cryotherapy to treat all of the following:

– Athletic and muscle related injuries : Sore or strained muscles – Shoulder and provide discomfort – Neck, hip and leg pain : Back pain – Painful joints – Sports injury discomfort – Ankle or foot pain – Pain connected with bruising, arthritis and tendonitis

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Unsure which Biofreeze product is right for you?

3oz Roll-On: Use on abdominals, biceps, feet, forearm, sides, neck, shoulder and thigh

4oz Apply: Use on feet and shin

4oz Hands-Free Applicator: Use on feet, knees, neck plus wrists

4oz Gel Tube: Use upon abdominals, biceps, chest, hips, shin, shoulder, thigh plus torso

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