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Bobbi Brown Is Speaking Out About Leaving Her Namesake Beauty Brand Behind

In case you skipped it, Bobbi Brown introduced she was leaving her namesake brand , Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, last month— but left without offering any formal comment. Today, Bobbi Brown is talking out about what it meant for her to close the particular chapter on her 26-year-old skin-care and color-cosmetics company.

When that news dropped, we were stunned. Mostly, here at Allure , all of us couldn’t help but wonder if the beauty guru— who has furthermore penned several beauty books in addition to having served because the editor in chief of Yahoo Beauty— would actually leave the industry entirely. Now we know: She wrote a good essay published today upon Refinery29 about her future. And the great news is that Brown confirmed that she is indeed staying in the wonder industry. What’s more, though, is that she’s staying true to the idea upon which her cosmetics line was founded: that makeup actually something to be embarrassed by or secretive about, instead that makeup is meant to celebrate authenticity and improve beauty.

But that’s not all Dark brown had to say about the makeup industry. In fact , she discussed a slew of wisdom in the essay worth preaching— or at least a sharing in a good discussion with your female friends. For example , Brown wrote that she “had the opportunity of sharing my philosophy of beauty with ladies all over the world. ‘Be who you are’ has been my rule, and I am most proud of the way this message offers resonated among women of all ages. ”

And there’s no doubt that her legacy— and the items behind her legacy— have resonated, too. As the veritable inventor of the no-makeup look two decades before this became a thing, Bobbi Brown is a legitimate beauty image. One of her books, Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty , published in i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet, introduced me to skin care and makeup on a little more of a professional level than what I picked up in the drugstore aisle I crawled with my friends. At the time, a jr in high school, I figured reading (and rereading plus rereading) her book— and my developing obsession along with skin care and makeup— was a hobby at best. But Brown’s book, in fact , helped to inspired my career being a beauty editor in the first place.

“Makeup is meant to celebrate authenticity and improve beauty” – Bobbi Brown

So while Brown didn’t reveal much about can be next, I do know one thing: I’ll be watching, waiting, and most likely in love with whatever she’s got coming.

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