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four Cosmetic Procedures to Avoid During Summer (And Why)

By Gracee Tolentino / a day ago

Longer days mean longer time spent outdoors. Even though this sounds like a treat for our social calendar, not so much for the skin according to dermatologists. Because the outer skin is more sensitive and susceptible to damage during the hottest a few months of the year, it’ s important to adjust our beauty regimens […]


Dual Cleansing: What Is It and Why You Should Try It

By Gracee Tolentino / last week

You would think that washing your face once at night should be enough to take off all your makeup, yet that’ s not always the case. Sometimes one wash won’ t get rid of the traces of your long-lasting liquid lipstick or even waterproof eyeliner. So while it might sound excessive, it might be really […]


Dermstore Chats with Lilly Ghalichi of Lilly Lashes

By Annie / last week

Big hair, bubbly  personality. We know and like Lilly Ghalichi for her larger-than-life persona. As the founder plus CEO of  Lilly Lashes , commonly known as  “ the world’ s most glamorous type of lashes, ” this native Texan  is truly an  easy force in the beauty industry.   Her line— which usually showcases luxurious, […]


What exactly is Microneedling? Here Are 8 Things You Need to Know Before Trying This.

By Gracee Tolentino / a couple of weeks ago

It’ s tough not to cringe when you listen to the word needle , especially when it comes to skincare procedures. But  microneedling — the minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that involves puncturing the skin making use of ultra-fine needles or dermaroller  to trigger  your skin’ s repair process and stimulate collagen production— is really nothing […]


Green tea vs . Coffee: How Your Drink Affects Your Skin Wellness

By Kaitlin Willow / a couple of weeks ago

For most people, it’ s the first choice they make when they begin their day. Whether you’ re reaching for an awesome cup of joe or a steaming mug of herbal tea, your beverage choice sets the stage for an effective morning. What many people don’ t realize is that each coffee and tea have […]


Wearable 4th of July Makeup Looks

By Karen Lang / a couple of weeks ago

4th of July makeup looks always show satisfaction, what better way to do that than wearing it? Best 4th of July Makeup Looks  online Whenever I hear Independence Day or even 4th of July, I immediately think of sparklers, fireworks, and good food (lots of food! ). It’ s also easily punctuated by red, white, […]

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