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four Cosmetic Procedures to Avoid During Summer (And Why)

By Gracee Tolentino / a day ago

Longer days mean longer time spent outdoors. Even though this sounds like a treat for our social calendar, not so much for the skin according to dermatologists. Because the outer skin is more sensitive and susceptible to damage during the hottest a few months of the year, it’ s important to adjust our beauty regimens […]


Dual Cleansing: What Is It and Why You Should Try It

By Gracee Tolentino / last week

You would think that washing your face once at night should be enough to take off all your makeup, yet that’ s not always the case. Sometimes one wash won’ t get rid of the traces of your long-lasting liquid lipstick or even waterproof eyeliner. So while it might sound excessive, it might be really […]


What exactly is Microneedling? Here Are 8 Things You Need to Know Before Trying This.

By Gracee Tolentino / a couple of weeks ago

It’ s tough not to cringe when you listen to the word needle , especially when it comes to skincare procedures. But  microneedling — the minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that involves puncturing the skin making use of ultra-fine needles or dermaroller  to trigger  your skin’ s repair process and stimulate collagen production— is really nothing […]


Green tea vs . Coffee: How Your Drink Affects Your Skin Wellness

By Kaitlin Willow / a couple of weeks ago

For most people, it’ s the first choice they make when they begin their day. Whether you’ re reaching for an awesome cup of joe or a steaming mug of herbal tea, your beverage choice sets the stage for an effective morning. What many people don’ t realize is that each coffee and tea have […]


Can be Sweating Good for Your Skin? Plus 5 More FAQs

By Kaitlin Willow / a couple of weeks ago

Let’ s talk about sweat, baby. For the most part, sweat is a completely natural part of human existence. However , there are a surprising quantity of misconceptions about sweat and how it affects the body (whether or not it’ s good for your skin, in particular).   Let’ s dive into the function of […]


ten Things Women With Clear Skin Do Every Day, Based on Dermatologists

By Annie / 3 weeks ago

Clear skin: we all want it. But , in between hormones, pollution as well as other pore-clogging aggressors waiting to wreak havoc on our complexions, achieving a clearer, blemish-free  complexion can seem like an unattainable feat. Fortunately though, according to dermatologists, it’ s completely attainable, but it does require a few lifestyle changes to get […]


Dermatology 101: What Do Dermatologists Do?

By Kaitlin Willow / last month

Getting clear skin can be a messy business — we check out all sorts of different products and experiment with various techniques in the quest for perfect skin. For those with persistent problems, for who the solution does not come in an over-the-counter form, a visit towards the skin doctor may be the answer. New […]

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