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Celebration Looks: Glitter Roots Hairstyle Tutorial

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Wish to shine (literally) at your next music festival? Try glitter glue roots, this year’ s hottest festival style craze!

*Feature image via The Urbanlist

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This is a look we know you’ ve seen before ! Glitter Roots is the most popular trend to take this year’ s festival season simply by storm. It’ s no wonder that this hairstyle — that is easy to recreate and even easier to personalize — has been observed in every Coachella post of the year and, with celebration season officially starting, will be one we’ ll observed over and over again.

If you’ re going to the festival this year, or are looking to switch up your look to some thing drastic, colorful, and bold, this step-by-step tutorial provides you with how to master the adorably quirky glitter glue roots .

What You’ ll Require

Styling Gel


Any styling gel will do. | Image via tashaleelyn



Don’ to forget the glitter! | Image via tashaleelyn

Mixing Bowl & Brush


Bowl plus brush | Image via tashaleelyn

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1

Include styling gel to the mixing bowl.


Add gel to the combining bowl. | Image via tashaleelyn

Step 2

Then, add your glitter associated with choice  to the gel.


Add glitter to your mixing bowl. | Image via tashaleelyn

Step 3

Mix both together with your mixing brush.


Mix the two collectively. | Image via tashaleelyn

Step four

Brush hair to remove tangles.


De-tangle your hair. | Image via tashaleelyn

Step five

Part your hair down the center.


Part hair throughout the center. | Image via tashaleelyn

Step 6

Separate your bangs through the rest of your hair. This step is optional.


Separate bangs. | Picture via tashaleelyn

Step 7

Create two buns on top of your head.


Create those betagt buns you’ ve been seeing everywhere. | Picture via tashaleelyn

Step 8

Apply the glitter gel you prepared on your own roots with the mixing brush. Make sure your roots are protected.


Utilize the glittered gel onto your roots. | Image through tashaleelyn

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