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Coffee Lift

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For some, a morning cup of coffee is the only method to start the day. Caffeine is found in coffees, teas, sodas, plus energy drinks all for the same purpose – to give all of us a boost throughout our day. When we consume caffeine, this opens the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow in a slightly faster rate helping us feel more notify and active.


Coffee can also be absorbed through the skin, which is why it’ s be a popular and effective ingredient in cosmetic skin lotions.   Studies have shown that caffeine applied topically triggers microcirculation of the blood and is a natural anti-inflammatory, which assists reduce puffiness and helps increase lipolysis.


Caffeine can also naturally protect skin tissues from UV radiation, and it helps in slowing the organic process of photoaging, which occurs when our skin is overexposed to the sun’ s harmful rays.


We’ ve seen the results first hand within our REFOCUS Under Eye Treatment where we infuse substances like caffeine, plant extracts, amino acids, and copper peptides to make a powerful serum with lasting results.

Various other Key Ingredients in Refocus Eye + IR Protection:

Neodermyl™:   A new source of energy to refresh the skin. Copper which plays a significant role in collagen production & maturation. Up-Regulates Collagen I + 3 & Elastin, Re-energizes senescent fibroblasts.

Elix-IR™: Infrared A protection – Infra’ Aging, Protects skin fibers from global sun damage. Christie Brinkley Eye Serum

Increases firmness and reduces the appearance of facial lines and helps prevent premature skin photoaging.

Sytenol® A: Made from edible seeds from Indian origin. Has the capacity to improve/reverse the look of the signs of aging skin. Anti-inflammatory, 5-alpha Reductase Inhibitor, Anti-oxidant, MMP Inhibitor.

ViaPure Poria: Anti-inflammatory, Decreases Redness, Decreases Puffiness, GAGase inhibitor.

Horsechestnut Seed Extract: Stimulates circulation, Venous assistance (helps reduce swelling) extract from brown algae.

Coleus Barbatus (Forskolin): Fat burning (works through adenylate cyclase to induce lipolysis, upregulates cAMP)

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