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Cover those Gray Roots in 3 Easy Steps

Isn’t it annoying when you have to deal with your gray roots every day? This hair tutorial will teach you how to cover gray hair in just three easy steps.

Sometimes, getting your hair colored isn’t the best solution to cover gray hair, because after a week, your roots, in all their gray glory, come out anyway. Hence, you are left racking your brain for an easy fix. Here are a few DIY tricks to hide those pesky gray roots.

How to Cover Gray Hair

Step 1

Curl or add waves to the hair to give it a lift on top. This allows for the two roots to be closer together, thus, covering the gray roots you are trying to hide.

How to Hide Gray Roots | Beauty Hacks by Makeup Tutorials at
Give the roots a lift

Step 2

Switch the part of your hair, especially if your gray roots are more abundant on one side. Do note that the part of the hair more exposed to the environment is more susceptible to turning gray due to exposure.

How to Hide Gray Hair for Blonde Hair | Hairstyle Ideas by Makeup Tutorials at
Part your hair differently

Step 3

Use a dry shampoo and spray on the roots for instant texture and lift. This will help give the hair more volume at the top and easily cover gray hair. After spraying, make sure to massage the dry shampoo in to spread it evenly.

How to Use Dry Shampoo on Hair | DIY Hairstyle by Makeup Tutorials at
Spray dry shampoo for added texture and lift


How to Use Hair Products for Gray Roots | Beauty Products by Makeup Tutorials at
Massage the dry shampoo to spread it out evenly

The Finished Look

Hairstyles to Hide Gray Roots | Hairstyle Ideas by Makeup Tutorials at
This look should hide your gray roots.

That wasn’t so bad, right? You didn’t even have to spend money to get your roots colored again. All these in the comfort of your own home.

Watch the full tutorial here:

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