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Creating a Sauna or Wellness Area

In a recent article, all of us talked about what a sauna is and the forms of bathing plus benefits it can provide. In this blog, we would like to discuss exactly what building a sauna and wellness area should involve.

A perfect sauna facility will involve further spaces than simply the sauna cabin itself. First, a pre-bathing space or area with a shower and perhaps a foot heating pool should be considered for proper preparation to sauna swimming. Cleansing your body and warming your core temperature just before using a sauna will help to enhance the experience.

The right sauna should also include an open area zone in which spa bathers can circulate before and after use. This could be an outdoor area where one could cool down in the open air, while subsequent air conditioning areas should offer various types of showers such as a deluge or even a bucket shower for more exhilarating options for cooling down. In addition , the hand shower or warm water foot bath should be considered, while at the rest area worthy of the name should always be allowed with regard to.

Public spa or wellness facilities frequently also offer massage rooms and a variety of sauna cabins; 1 hotter and drier; another cooler and more humid, and maybe a third with special aromatic features or light treatment effects.

With a home sauna arrangement, the pre-bathing room, wooden sauna room, a cooling region and relaxation space are often unlikely or impractical. Consequently a sauna cabin with a pre-bathing area or air conditioning area can be combined with some of the more common areas of the home and really should be adequate for the purpose. Good ventilation is of course a must and really should be considered when designing any type of thermal spas.

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