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Discover Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection Swatches on 3 Skin Tones

Everyone’s soon-to-be-favorite peach-scented makeup line may not be launching until tomorrow, but Draw has your first look at the Too Faced Fairly sweet Peach Collection swatches. Our editors tested out all the highly anticipated products on three skin tones on Facebook Reside today. I wish Smell-O-Vision existed for Facebook Reside because the beauty closet was filled with a distinct Peach Band scent while we experimented with the peach-infused products.

We started off by swiping all 8 shades of the Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oil on this arms. The range of neutrals and low-key bolds remarkably varied on each of our skin tones. On my extremely pale skin, some looked more orangey or red than they did on our senior photo editor, Silpada Venerable. Tickle Me Peach (a poppy red), nevertheless , looked the same on all of us. Later in the video, you will see senior beauty editor, Jessica Chia, try it out on her lip area. The gloss gave her lips a gorgeous popsicle spot look that I’m still not over. We all cherished how balm-like the lips oils felt. I even gave all of them what I call the cobweb test . When I pressed my lips together, the item didn’t make my lips stick together and type cobweb-like strings. Instead, they felt lightweight like a serum.

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Next, we brushed on each shade from the Special Peach Glow Palette. I applied the trio to a bare cheeks, and my skin instantly looked lighter. As I say in the video, I don’t drink coffee, but the brightening kit made me look like I just downed a cortado— in the best way possible. We were surprised to find out that the sculpting shade was completely matte and the featuring shade didn’t look ashy at all on Venerable’s more dark skin tone. Later, we tested out the Papa Do Peach Blush. Chia tried her go-to blush hack on myself by sweeping the coral shade along my brows— I’m definitely adding that step to my routine. This helped give me a natural-looking radiance, as well as flush upon my cheeks.

Last but not least, we every created our own look using the Sweet Peach Eye Darkness Palette. I’ve been using it since it was released, so I’m amply trained in the combo of matte and shimmer shades. Bellini (a rose gold) is by far my favorite hue in the 18-shade palette, but Chia is a Caramelized (a bronzy brown) fan.

You can watch the whole video associated with Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection swatches below.

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