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DIY- Boho Braids With a Twist

Boho braids and always cool and trendy, but if you dont really know what you’re doing it can look like a hot mess. If you’ve always wanted to try this style, but dont know how to do it we have a great tutorial from The Fashion Fraction.

Boho braids Tutorial 

There are many different ways to do the boho braids trend, today we’ll show you how to achieve this triple plait style as shown by Fashion Fraction.  Of course if you want to put your own spin on this trend, feel free to do so’ creativity is also welcome here!

boho braids
Image via Fashion Fraction

. Start with dry hair

boho braids
Image via Youtube

This style is best done with clean hair, dry hair. After washing you can either let your hair air dry or use your blowdryer on the ‘cold’ setting to prevent hair damage.

2. Curl the hair with a curling iron or with a flat iron

boho braids
Image via The Teacher Diva

Spray your hair with heat protectant before using your flat iron or curling iron. After curling the hair, use a large paddle brush to loosen up the curls then hold in place with hairspray.

4. Part three strands of hair like shown in the picture, tie them up with an elastic
5. Part one strand into three strands. One of them should be really, really small!
6. Plait a normal braid – due to the small strand you’ll receive the special look
7. Plait the second (middle) strand a little longer than the first you just did
8. Now plait the last strand and carefully pull apart all strands with your fingers
9. Remove the upper elastics and fix the hair again with the Taft Power Koffein hair lacquer

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