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DO-IT-YOURSELF Eyeshadow Primer | Easy & Affordable Primer Functions

Get the hands ready because we’ re making a DIY eye shadow primer today! All you need are four ingredients and this DO-IT-YOURSELF eye primer will work beautifully!

DIY Eye shadow Primer | Urban Decay Primer Potion Dupe

If you’ re not fond of wearing eyeshadow primer as you can’ t spend minutes waiting for it to dried out, you have to rethink your eye makeup routine. Those extra a few minutes you’ ll spend is sooo worth it especially if you want to achieve the best eye makeup achievable. An eyeshadow primer works as a base for the eyelids simply by evening out the surface and absorbing excess oil (a should for oily skin! ). Yes, no more creasing! Additionally, it makes your eye makeup more vibrant and last longer during the day. Are you ready to make this awesome DIY eyeshadow primer that’ s comparable to the cult fave UD Eyeshadow Special primer Potion? Let’ s begin!

What You’ ll Need:

  • Fragrance-free body butter or thick face lotion
  • 100% Aloe Vera gel
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Toothpick
  • Small bathtub
  • Flat scooping utensil


Step 1 : Add foundation into the little container.

Add foundation into the small container | DIY Eye shadow Primer | Easy & Affordable Primer That Works

Start by adding foundation to the container. It’ s best to use a foundation that’ s i9000 very close to the shade of the skin tone . To be on the safe side, use your first foundation.

Step 2: Add the concealer.

Add the particular concealer | DIY Eyeshadow Primer | Easy & Affordable Primer That Works

Add concealer into the container. It should be the same amount as the base. Again, choose your go-to liquid concealer for this 1 as you’ d want a shade that’ s quite close to your skin tone.

Step 3: Add the particular moisturizer.

Add the moisturizer | DIY Eyeshadow Primer | Easy & Affordable Primer That Works

Using a flat scooping utensil, scoop away the same  amount of product from your body butter or even face moisturizer. Add a drop into the mixture. Moisturizer can help prevent the lids from drying up.

Step four: Add the Aloe Vera gel.

Add the Aloe Vera gel | DIY Eyeshadow Primer | Easy & Affordable 1er That Works

Add only a drop of Aloe Vera gel into the mixture. Aloe Vera skin gels helps in keeping oil at bay, as excess oil may result to creasing.

Step 5: Mix completely.

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Using a toothpick, mix the products together thoroughly and you’ re done!

This is what your last product should look like. Did you get it right?

DIY Eyeshadow Primer | Easy & Affordable Primer That will Works

So how will it compare with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion? There’ s practically no difference at all! Check out the comparison beneath:

Urban Decary Primer Potion Dupe | DIY Eye shadow Primer | Easy & Affordable Primer That Works


If you want to watch the full tutorial, check out SofiaStyled’ s video clip here:

How was that DO-IT-YOURSELF eyeshadow primer tutorial ladies? I agree, quick and easy! When I go today, let me leave you with a tip approach apply eye primer. You can use your ring finger or perhaps a flat eyeshadow brush to apply the primer on the covers. Start on the lash line and work your way towards the brows. If you plan to utilize eyeshadow or eyeliner on your lower eyelash line, make sure to apply primer there as well. And the job here is done ladies, enjoy this DIY makeup project !

Have you tried making your own DIY eyeshadow primer? When you have, please do share your recipe in the comments area below!

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