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Easy Nail Art Ideas for Lazy Girls

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Allow your nails be the center of attention with these simple nail artwork ideas for lazy girls only!

The times of plain, one-color nails are behind us today; what’ s trending are beautiful, creative DIY nail art styles that make us scoff in the face of its difficulty level.

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Who has the time to create those designs? Or the skill? Or the tools?!

If you’ re the lazy girl who just wants to have fun (we’ lso are sensing a Cyndi Lauper parody in the works), continue reading because this article is going to show you simple nail art concepts that won’ t take two weeks or $200.

These ideas use common household items like bobby pins, tape, and toothpicks, and will leave your fingernails looking fly AF.

1 . Paint over the loofah for this cool two-toned look.


Paint the nails over a loofah to achieve the fishnet look. | Image via Buzzfeed

It’ s period the loofah does more than just wash your body. Now you can use it as a tool to create beautiful nail art designs. What you just have to do is put the loofah over your nails, color over it, remove the loofah, and clean. For complete directions,   click here .

2 .   For DIY dots, use a bobby pin.


Create polka dots with a bobby pin. | Image via  Buzzfeed

If you’ re in the disposition for dots, use a bobby pin to create dots in various sizes.

3. Season Of LOVE


Draw a tiny heart. | Picture via  DIY Worthy

Express your LOVE for someone through toenail art! Get the tutorial for the design above  here .

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