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Elegance Basics: How to Make Glitter Makeup Work

Watts ant to add some sparkle to your look, yet don’ t know how? Here are tips to making glitter make-up work for you.  

Adding some glitter to your makeup can instantly glam up any kind of look. However , with the mess involved in glitter makeup, using that sprinkle of fairy dust can be difficult. It isn’ t easy working with glitter, especially when it’ s reduce and powdery. While glitter is more complicated than your own relationship, wearing it isn’ t impossible.

The key to wearing glitter is to usually prime before applying glitter. Our lady Nikkie from NikkieTutorials utilizes the I Make You Beautiful   Bionic Gel Activator   in one associated with her tutorials as a primer and baby, it appears good.

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  However , you can use other products like As well Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter glue Glue , which is among the best-selling eyeshahttp://amzn.to/1Z4aOKddow primers on the market.


Too Encounter Glitter Shadow Primer | Image via Too Experienced

If you’ re on a tight budget, E. L. F. Cosmetics Glitter Primer is a great option. It preps your eyelids regarding smoother application. It also helps keep the glitter in place in order that it doesn’ t transfer throughout the day.


electronic. l. f. Glitter Primer | Image via electronic. l. f. Cosmetics

Now that you understand which primers to look for, how does one even apply glitter glue on their face? When it comes to glitter makeup, the struggle will be real and patience really is a virtue. Nikkie has also trained us that the best way to apply glitter is to press this onto your lids. Pat or dab the brush, but  don’ t drag or sweep it as this will cause the glitter to fall.


In addition to the correct primer and technique, you’ ll also need the right tools when applying glitter make-up. Using a flat synthetic brush will help you achieve that sparkling appearance. The best brushes are the  Sigma E58   and MAC 242 . A set brush will give you more control during application.


MAC 242 Schattierer Brush | Image via MAC Cosmetics

You may also use Make Up Forever 224 Silicone Applicator .   This brush is designed to capture excess glitter that will inevitably fall during application. Want to know the best part about this brush is that it keeps your makeup and pride table mess-free!


Make Up Forever 224 Silicone Applicator | Image via Make Up For Ever

E. L. F. Cosmetics Facilities Glitter Eyeshadow Applicator   is a good dupe in order to save some bucks. This is a huge help when it comes to keeping glitter glue in place.


e. l. f. Cosmetics Glitter Applicator | Picture via Beauty Blitz

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A friendly reminder though is that wearing glitter glue is always risky. Never EVER make use of craft glitter on your face, especially on your eyes. Compose and cosmetic glitter are two totally different things, when you’ re going to try glitter makeup, start with the appropriate tools, right primer, and right glitter.

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