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Elegance Vlogger Casey Holmes’s Drunk Boyfriend Gives Us the Beauty Lesson

Elegance Vlogger Casey Holmes’s Drunk Boyfriend Gives Us the Beauty Lesson

Dudes are having a makeup-tutorial moment. A week ago, we showed you that will video of a dad narrating his daughter’ s tutorial. And now Youtube . com blogger Casey Holmes’s drunk boyfriend can be giving one. What a time to be alive! Oh, plus there was also this one where a drunk boyfriend apologized to his girlfriend with a M. A. C. gift card, which was lovely but a little different.

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It starts with Holmes’ s boyfriend detailing her eyes, a look he describes as “ I’ m ready to party, but I’ m also impartial. ” Honestly though, isn’ t that what we’ re always trying to go for? It continues with gemstones like “ Glitter is like the extra bling you got to exhibit when you’ re out and about and you need people to understand, go Tigers, ” when explaining her shadow (a silver shade she presses along the inner corners associated with her lids). Also, he’ s dancing in the history in a Clemson University sweatshirt, which would explain the Gambling reference. As she moves on to the face, he draws his stride, and actually does a pretty good job of detailing what “ baking” is. When she gets to the particular lips, he offers some tried-and-true advice: “ Attract the lines, and color inside them. ” Nice function, drunk guy!

But throughout the video, he hilariously struggles with the item names. (To his credit, I am a beauty publisher and have a hard time doing that sober. ) He phone calls her foundation, Sonia Kashuk Soft Focus Satin Matte , “ Shuck stuff, ” a

a “ teardrop sponge, ” mistakes liquid lipstick for a stain, and blanks from the world “ concealer. ” But the best part comes with around the 4: 45 mark, where he asks “ In case you don’ t blush the top of your forehead, did a person even blush? ” Finally, someone asking the real queries. Check it out below:

So what various other hilarious voiceover mashups can these vloggers come up with? Siri giving a cold, snarky tutorial about contouring? The toddler talking about smoky eyes? A blogger getting a transformation from her blindfolded brother? Bring it on. I can’ t get enough.

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