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Evaluation: Kim Kardashian Makeup KKW Beauty Creme Contour & Emphasize Kit

The Kim Kardashian makeup collection has just launched and of course, the first product on the menu is really a contour and highlight kit.

Honest Ideas on Kim Kardashian Makeup

Kim Kardashian West one of the most effective reality TV personality, aside from her sisters , has also been known to inspire the resurgence of the contour and highlight trend, thanks to the girl long time makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic. So it feels a small amount of a long time coming for this mega celebrity to release her own contour and highlight kit through her newly released beauty line KKW Beauty.

I’ ve heard what a lot of people had to say about it, several like it, some don’ t and I thought I’ m give this product a piece of my own as well. Why not, right? We have been, after all, fans of Mrs. West, it’ s just fair that I am able to share my honest viewpoint.

Outside Packaging

Outside Packaging | Evaluation: Kim Kardashian Makeup KKW Beauty Creme Contour & Emphasize Kit
Image via KKWBeauty

Many people did not such as how the KKW Beauty packaging came out. It’ s essentially a foiled bag in a nude pink color with the KKW logo affixed on the outside. Some thought that this was cheap for your price point. I have a different opinion about it: I really don’ to care about outside packaging that is bulky and unnecessary, therefore for me it was okay. I don’ t mind this at all, if anything I like the minimalistic approach to this which I think kind of reflects how Kim Kardashian has advanced, it almost feels like there’ s so much going on close to her and I can kind of feel how she desires it to be a little less, judging by the way she interacts with people on her interviews and how she’ s been dealing with everything coming her way.

The product packaging doesn’ t make me feel like I have to feel guilty because of not keeping it because it’ s just a plastic handbag I can throw it away without having to second guess myself because of it’ s really nice looking. Nope, as a mother, I know precisely how that feels. Less clutter, fewer things to think about.

Product Packaging

Product Packaging | Review: Kim Kardashian Make-up KKW Beauty Creme Contour & Highlight Kit
Picture via KKWBeauty

I feel like I need to put just a little disclaimer here I do not patronize Kim Kardashian West, yet I do appreciate the thought she put on the packaging at the rear of her new Kim Kardashian makeup line: KKW Beauty. I really like that these contour and highlight kits came in sticks, it’ s easier to bring around, I can whip it out there anywhere and I also really love the nude pink colour of which she chose to cover her products in. It gets in 2 shades of contour, 2 shades of emphasize and 2 options for blending your product. It feels such as she created this product for people who are on the go, who seem to don’ t mind bringing just the essentials to put the face on for work or for travel.


Instagram Photo

Now let’ s move on ahead to the item, you’ ve probably seen this before, a laughable. 064 ounces per stick is included in the package. Despite having two stick combined that’ s really only about. thirteen oz of product. Even if I were to include the clean tool, for $48 that’ s a tad little bit too little product. It’ s like I paid for product packaging, except the packaging isn’ t really that much more costly I don’ t think. Given that I’ m spending money on the name brand, still, I personally think there are other products on the market that offer double the amount of product for much less or really high-end products that other much more given the price stage.

Product | Review: Kim Kardashian Makeup KKW Beauty Cremefarbig Contour & Highlight Kit
Image via KKWBeauty

Although, the product itself is creamy and glides upon easily on the skin – I don’ t believe anyone will contest that. The contour sticks are available in two shades: one a bit cooler, and the other a little warmer maybe for a little bit of bronzing action. The highlight sticks also come in two’ s; one is matte and the other includes a subtle shimmer to it. The only thing I noticed about the highlighters would be that the matte shade sets quite quickly, so you want to work together with it faster because it is hard to move around once set. Or else, the product consistency is lovely and you can definitely wear this particular as an eyeshadow as well.


Now for the wear, I highly suggest setting this particular with a setting powder to help with the longevity of the item. While the highlight shades stay put really well, the curve shade does lift when not set with powder impacting how long it will stay on in your face. Considering how rich and creamy the product is, if you’ re in a humid location, this would probably last up to 6 hours max, using powder, I think it may last longer.

Is It Worthwhile?

So that’ s what I have to say concerning the much awaited Kim Kardashian makeup. Do I think it’ ersus worth it? If you are a fan, yes. But if you are the makeup fan and not so much of Kim, then I don’ t think so just because of the amount of product it has.


Check out this particular video of Patrick Starrr doing Kim Kardashian makeup:

Have you used KKW Beauty’ s Contour and Emphasize Kit? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section beneath; if you found this review helpful but have no idea the right way to contour, check out this guide on contouring your face shape.

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