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Exactly what Makeup Legend Laura Geller Learned About Beauty (Plus Deets on Her 20th Anniv Collection)

Not a lot of  makeup artists with an effective line of makeup products can say that they’ ve been in the business enterprise for 20 years. Laura Geller is one of the few.   From working with the biggest titles in Broadway and Hollywood to pioneering the concept of making use of a  primer   and contouring (makeup techniques which are still very much in use today), Laura has indeed accomplished “ legend” status. Still, even with two decades of incredible career, we see no signs of Laura or the girl brand slowing down. Proof? Laura’ s  Diamond Dust Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator – Gemstone Dust   from the brand’ s  20th Wedding anniversary Collection sold out simply hours after it was launched! (Luckily, it’ s at this point back in stock and available on Dermstore . )

Just what does it consider for a beauty brand to  stay alive— and, may we say, remain successful— for this long? How has got the world of beauty evolved over the last 20 years?   Right here to answer our burning beauty questions— and share several history lessons along the way— is the makeup legend their self, Laura Geller!

Take us back 20 years ago when you first started the particular Laura Geller line, what was the situation back then? Why do you decide to start your own makeup line?

I worked my way up carrying out makeup for Broadway and film. I was doing a great deal of the newer shows, and a producer discovered me. He or she wanted me to be the makeup artist for all of their projects, and because of that I had enough clientele to open my very own store. I opened a boutique on the Upper Eastern Side in 1993. I was selling my own product plus doing makeup for all occasions.

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I needed to create makeup that could work for everyone, which is why I began my own beauty brand. I created products that convert professional application techniques into easy-to-follow tips and tricks. When I’ m working with my product development team, I always think about simplicity of use and multitasking.

How were women using makeup back then— and exactly how was that different from how we’ re doing it now?

When it comes to makeup techniques, previous is new again! I was one of the first to introduce special primer and contouring into the industry over 20 years ago. And today, both of these are staples in women’ s makeup programs.

Makeup has simply evolved from exactly where it started. Highlighter now comes in a variety of colors, plus shade extensions are introducing iridescent shine. Contouring has become worn more subtle and is referred to as “ strobing . ” So much has changed and continues to every single day!

You’ ve seen beauty and makeup trends come and look at the last 20 years, which trend had the most staying power plus why do you think so?

Whether you want to call it highlighting, strobing or contouring, the ability of light and dark placement is at the root of our brand. It’ s a trend that has evolved through the years but is here to stay!

Which of your products had the most success during the last 20 years?

We’ lso are a leader in “ baked” beauty products. I launched the baked bronzer 20 years ago and now our portfolio has exploded to all face categories, from foundations to blushes in order to eyeshadows. Made by artisans, they start as a cream which is baked for 24 hours on a terracotta tile and then hand-finished within Italy— resulting in a smooth, long-wearing formula. One of the baked items we’ re most known until today is our own Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator within Gilded Honey . Everyone can’ t get sufficient of that gilded glow!

Laura Geller Cooked Powder

The beauty industry has always been competitive. How do you manage to stay in the industry for this long? What’ h your “ secret sauce”?

I understand what real women want in their attractiveness routine and know how to educate them. I’ ve had the opportunity to break it down in a way that women can easily understand. For me personally, makeup must always be truly fun and uncomplicated!

What are the most valuable lessons you’ ve learned about women and/or beauty over the last 20 years? And exactly how does that translate to your current collection?

The beauty industry is constantly evolving plus changing and women are always on the lookout for the next hot elegance item. They’ ll always have their go-to staples great more than ever innovation is everywhere.

The product development team and I are always looking into new trends plus innovations that are truly on the cusp and different than whatever else out there. In our new 20 th Anniversary collection we took our cult classic Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator plus made this holographic on-trend shade called Diamond Dust . It’ s been extremely popular since it launched!

What products are you most excited about in your anniversary special event collection?

We delivered some of our cult classics back from the vault with this 20 th Anniversary Collection which includes our Color Luster Lip Shine in City Lights . I’ m also extremely excited about our new Baked Gelato Illuminator in Diamond Dust . All of the packaging is definitely art-deco inspired and it looks amazing!

Laura Geller 20th Anniversary Collection

How do you envision make-up 10 or 20 years from now? What trends are you currently seeing?

With the surge of social media, beauty is changing and evolving in a rapid rate. Products are launched on social media plus brands are looking to social for consumer feedback to make use of in their product development process. You see this more and more every day plus it’ s very exciting! Beauty influencers are imagining the trends to the masses even ahead of its period and breaking down tips and tricks. It’ s truly remarkable and am can’ t wait to see where beauty goes from this level.

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