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fifteen DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween

DIY Movie-Inspired Make-up Inspirations for Halloween

Are you ready for the scariest DIY movie-inspired makeup looks for Halloween night? I know I am!

Halloween is one of those periods that a lot of makeup artists look forward to because of the many creative Halloween party looks they can create. From ghosts and goblins in order to sweet and cute cartoon characters.   However , We decided that in this feature I will focus on DIY movie-inspired makeup tutorials from some of the most talented Makeup vloggers online and Instagram. I have to admit, I am in awe from how detailed and tedious the process is in a lot of these make-up transformation videos and I just can’ t help yet feel lucky that they all have the time and commitment to show us their beautiful work.

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Therefore before you decide on which Halloween costume to wear, check out these frightening alternatives.

15 DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Searches for Halloween

Ditch those cute sexy searches for these crazy, DIY movie-inspired makeup on fright evening and scare the wits out of your friends and family.

I know after this post is through, you would be the most scary creature that would grace this year’ s Halloween celebration. It’ s safe to say, the Queen of The Darned Award is in the bag!

Caution: Spooky images ahead


1 . Billy the Puppet (Saw)

1. Billy the Puppet (Saw) | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image via Madeyewlook UNOFFICIAL FAN-CLUB

Billy the Puppet is a character in the movie Saw.   Billy performed a crucial role in the film while John Kramer utilized him to communicate with the test subjects. This is why everytime quality subjects see Billy, they know something bad is all about happen and honestly, even if they don’ t, only the look of Billy will scare the lights away from anyone.

2 . Witch (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters)

2. Witch (Hansel plus Gretel: Witch Hunters) | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Make-up Inspirations for Halloween
picture via Queenii Rozenblad

On a modern undertake the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel, Witch  Hunters   was obviously a story about Hansel and Gretel as bounty sportsman. If you haven’ t seen it yet, they sought after down witches. But mind you, these witches do not appearance anywhere near the witches in The Hobby movie. Well, if I remember correctly, these types of fairytale stories have always had scary looking hags for witches, but this DIY movie-inspired makeup seem shows you how to be a scary demon witch.


3.   The Exorcist

3. The Exorcist | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image via Glam& Gore

If there is one film that will really scare the bejesus out of anyone, that’ s The Exorcist .   Significantly, I don’ t even know how some people can watch the particular Exorcist because I tried and I just can’ big t watch the whole movie through. Even this still picture above would haunt me for weeks! But , it’ ll get a lot of reactions this Halloween, for sure!


4. Emily (The Cadaver Bride)

4. Emily (The Corpse Bride) | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Make-up Inspirations for Halloween
picture via dope2111

The Exorcist look was obviously a bit tough to deal with so let’ s take it lower a notch with Emily from The particular Corpse Bride . She is an undead bride who also claims that she is the supposed-to-be wife of Victor Van Dort. The look is creepy, but in a cartoonish sort of look which means I don’ t have to deal with any kind of life-like demon possessed creature in order to get me that Costume award this year.


five. Annabelle (The Conjuring)

Annabelle (The Conjuring) | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations designed for Halloween
image via Alycia Marie

Annabelle is a doll from The Conjuring film that was inhabited by an evil spirit. I don’ big t know why other people who’ ve watched the movie find it hilarious that Annabelle turned into an evil toy, but definitely for some, never would they look at plaything the same way again. If you want that same kind of response on Halloween, turn into Annabelle.

6. Clown (The Poltergeist)

6. Clown (The Poltergeist) | 15 DO-IT-YOURSELF Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image via Madeyewlook

The particular Poltergeist  from 1982 had a remake recently with no thanks to better special effects now that clown in the movie has  become scarier and creepier to the delight of scary movie fans. Personally, the thought of clowns creep me away and I think for Halloween it might just be my best bet. Check out how you can create your own scary clown by viewing this tutorial by madeyewlook:

7. Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

7. Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image via Christen Dominique


Harley Quinn may seem cute and badass for a lot of people, but she produced this list because she’ s actually a really weird person. Harley is Joker’ s lover, which currently tells you why she’ s a scary person to cope with. Thanks to the Suicide Squad film, Harley Quinn became a favorite character to copy. Anticipate a lot of Harley Quinns on the street this Halloween!

8. God Mask (The Free: Anarchy)

8. God Mask (The Purge: Anarchy) | 15 DO-IT-YOURSELF Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image via SmashinBeauty

The Free: Anarchy (2014)  is a sequel to the 2013 film, but the concept is pretty much the same. Once a year, the government allows anybody and everyone to create a crime within a 12-hour period. Simply no arrests will be made at all. While the movie concept alone is already creeping me out, the mask of the primary antagonist will scare the hell out of you a lot more. Want to do this look? Check it out here:

9. Fornicus (Cabin In The Woods)

9. Fornicus (Cabin in the Hardwoods | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image via Emma Pickles

I must admit, I’ m not a fan associated with horror movies but I watched  Cabin Within the Woods (because Chris Hemsworth was there) .   I must say, there were several frightening creatures in both the cabin and the woods and they alllow for really great Halloween looks like our friend here Fornicus.


10. Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)

Tiffany (Bride of Chuck) | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Make-up Inspirations for Halloween
picture via Jbunzie

If you think Anabelle is the creepiest doll in movie history, then you’ ve never seen the Chucky films. The soul of a serial killer came into the supposedly friendly Chucky doll and went on in order to cause havoc among families. It only got even worse when he was joined by his girlfriend Tiffanny. Tiffany’ s smile alone causes nightmares! It’ t relatively simple to recreate, just bring a prop blade with you instead of the real thing.


11. Pennywise (It)

Pennywise (It) | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image via ellimacs sfx makeup

Stephen King definitely know what he has been doing when he wrote It . People who watched the 1990 series and the 2017 film version have become fascinated with the bloodthirsty clown Pennywise. Wasn’ t Bill Skarsgard the perfect actor to bring the historic evil clown to life? Recreate that look this Halloween party!


12. Other Mom (Coraline)

Other Mother (Coraline) | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image via dope211

Neil Gaiman writes some of the weirdest stories out there and Coraline isn’ t an exception. This year’s animated adaptation portrayed Coraline’ s Other Mother completely with the button eyes and creepy smile. You may have to consider the biggest buttons you can find but the look is worth it!


13. Valak (The Conjuring)

Valak (The Conjuring) | fifteen DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image via shaaanxo

After getting traumatized by Anabelle, The Conjuring two: Valak delivered yet another iconic horror movie villain in Valak. The demonic nun’ s appearance is easy to remake. If you’ re looking for a simple but creepy look this Halloween, you should try this DO-IT-YOURSELF movie-inspired makeup look.


14. Enchantress (Suicide Squad)

Enchantress (Suicide Squad) | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image through Michelle Marie Make-up

Enchantress was the baddie within a movie about baddies. That alone makes her deserving to be a part of this list. In Committing suicide Squad , the ancient cursed witch takes over Tutorial Delevigne’ s body when summoned but she ultimately possessed her. If you have long black hair or a hairpiece, you won’ t have a hard time turning into Enchantress.


15. Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands | 15 DIY Movie-Inspired Makeup Inspirations for Halloween
image through Emma Pickles

Johnny Depp breathes life in to every character he portrays. He was beloved because Jack Sparrow in the “ Pirates of the Caribbean” collection, as well as in other roles he took on. However , there’ s one character that established his penchant for that macabre early on in his career: Edward Scissorhands. With scissors as hands, his portrayal of the weird outcast produced him another favorite character to turn into during Halloween night!


Require more DIY movie-inspired makeup looks for Halloween? Take a look at these types of special effects makeup   from ellimacs sfx makeup.

These DIY movie-inspired make-up looks are downright scary, well, most of it a minimum of and I know you have a lot more ideas when it comes to Halloween make-up. It’ s totally up to you what you dress up as this Halloween party. Whether you want to look spooky or cute, you  definitely  need to have amazing makeup to pull off your costume.

Let me know if this list is helpful to you in the responses below and if you do, you’ ll find these costume ideas really nice too!

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