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fifteen Flattering Haircuts For Older Women | Makeup Lessons

Looking for flattering haircuts for older women? We’ ve rounded up 15 haircuts for every facial form, that will leave you looking fabulous no matter what.

fifteen Flattering Haircuts for Older Women

While you age, everything begins to change. The haircut that described your style is now too juvenile or outdated. Clothes plus prints that you found yourself previously attracted to are now too noisy or gaudy. The same goes with makeup and just about anything else. These are classic hairstyle ideas and tips that will help you seem even more fabulous, regardless of your age! Check out these 15 complementing haircuts for older women:

1 . Halle Berry’ s Pixie

Short Hairstyles pertaining to African American | Makeup Tutorials

We had to start this list off with all the beautiful Halle Berry and her now-signature pixie hair cut! Halle’ s been through a lot of hairstyles, but this is one particular that’ s lasted through the years and we can see why! It’ s a no-fuss haircut that looks great regardless of whether you’ ve styled it or just rolled out of mattress.

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image via  All of us Magazine

2 . Charlize Theron’ h Chops

How to Do Charlize Theron Pixie Hair | Makeup Tutorials

Okay, so yes, Charlize Theron looks beautiful regardless of her haircut. (I mean, she’ s bald in Mad Max and still manages in order to blow us away. ) This is a different take on Halle’ s pixie in that it’ s parted to the side, creating a more “ done up” look that’ s perfect for formal occasions or business meetings.

image via  Beauty

a few. Heidi Klum’ s Layers

Long Hair Ideas for Blonde Hair | Makeup Lessons

To the public, this would be an unusual haircut for older women. But the public still operates under the belief that everything about a person has to change just because your age is. With a haircut such as this, Heidi kepts her youthful attitude and playfulness, but nonetheless makes it look “ age-appropriate. ” The layers are usually perfect and not too crazy, and the bangs lend a youthful, on edge look. You better believe this is the hairstyle we’ lso are going to be rocking!

image via  Popsugar

4. Lena Headey’ s In Between

How to Do Messy and Curly Short Hair | Make-up Tutorials
Actress Lena Headey is known for playing Queen Cersei in “ Game of Thrones, ” (but we’ re sure you already knew that). In the show, she’ s wearing a long, golden-haired wig , but in real life, Lena rocks a great brief haircut for older women.   This is the perfect concept for ladies who aren’ t necessarily into the pixie reduce, but still want some length and style. Side-swept fucks are perfect for this length, as fringe bangs could make your head appear block-ish. (At least, that’ s exactly what has happened in our experiences! )
image via  Blogspot

5. Julianne Moore Goes Lengthy

Hairstyle Concepts for Older Women with Red Hair | Make-up Tutorials
If there’ s anyone that (falsely) believes older ladies can’ t rock long, voluminous hair, they must have not seen Julianne Moore. Julianne Moore wears long tresses perfectly in a way that’ s age-appropriate, yet confident plus sexy. We love how she embraces her femininity and individuality, and we encourage you lovely ladies to undertake the same!
image via  Style List

6. Jodie Foster’ s Bob

Short Hairstyles For Over 50 Women | Make-up Tutorials

If you have fine or thinning hair, the bob might just be the following hairstyle for you. This is a classic look that works well along with fine or thinning hair, as full or thick locks can result in a bob that ends up looking like a giant, untrimmed bush. Basically, thick hair isn’ t the best with this haircut. When going for the bob, you have the option of possibly parting it in the middle, like Jodie, or to the side. We’ re personally fans of the bob and side-swept fucks look.

image via  Style List

7. Kim Basinger’ s Curls

Short, Curly Hairstyles For Older Women, take a look at

Much like wine, everything gets better as it ages, which means you too, lovely ladies! Kim Basinger defies all of those ridiculous stereotypes by still being just as sexy as the girl was in her 20s and 30s! (And we think it’ s because of that rocking, carefree hairstyle. ) For ladies who have had long hair their entire lives, this particular length might be the next best alternative if you find that your locks is thinning or the structure of it is changing. The truly amazing part about this cut is its versatility – you might have the option of straightening it or playing around with it and generating soft, luscious curls or beachy waves.

image via  Style List

8. Cate Blanchett’ s Layered Greg

Celebrity Motivated Classy Layered Bob for Older Women | Make-up Tutorials

In case you’ re not a fan of the perfect, symmetrical frank, you will fall in love with the layered bob. The look is very smooth and looks gorgeous on Cate Blanchett. Round experienced women should avoid this kind of bob as it will make the face area look rounder. On the other hand, if you think this is too soft, acquire some short layers in front and in the back for an edgier hair.

image via  Design List

9. Jennifer Aniston’ s i9000 Long Layers

Long Hair Ideas from Jennifer Aniston | Makeup Tutorials

Everyone (including us) loves Jennifer Aniston and it’ s not merely because of her humor. She’ s a timeless attractiveness who carries herself well and is sure to never end up being caught on the wrong side of the media. You may understand her by her signature “ Rachel” cut, yet Jennifer has rocked this low-maintenance, beachy hairstyle since Friends finished. If you’ re not into well-maintained looks that require frequent trims, products, etc ., this is the ideal look for you.

image via  Look At Hairstyles

10. Anne Fonda’ s Shag

How to undertake the Perfect Shag Hairstyle | Makeup Tutorials

Jane Fonda’ ersus hair just screams shag-idelic, amiright? It looks youthful and fierce, but then again, those are the exact two phrases we would use to describe Jane Fonda. To get this look, request your stylist for very short layers in front in order to frame the face, then style it with hair skin gels, wax, or pomade in order to get those edgy spikes. This really is definitely in the list of great, short haircuts for older females.

image via  Great Housekeeping

11. Salma Hayek’ ersus Straight Locks

Shoulder Duration Hairstyle for Women Over 40 | Makeup Tutorials

Salma Hayek and Demi Moore are perfect examples of middle-aged ladies who pull off the directly and sleek black hair look. The trend is similar to Jennifer Aniston’ s in that it’ s extremely easy to maintain and style, and always looks great. You can either part this hair to the side or center, or even alternate and do both! In regards to the cut, you can inquire your stylist for a straight edged-look or layers at the end, to give it more pizzazz and style.

image via  Sweet Hairstyle

12. Madonna’ s Lush Curls

Retro Curls for Middle-Aged Women | Makeup Tutorials

If you have an angular face like Madonna, the perfect hairstyle will help soften your face’ s angles. It is a great style if you have defined, curly hair or straight, good hair. Loose curls create a romantic, sophisticated look that will flatters everyone.

image via  Good Housekeeping

13.   Helen Mirren’ s Hair

Haircuts for Older Women - Helen Mirren Curly hair | Makeup Tutorials

We love Helen Mirren – all of us love her bold style and fierce attitude, we all love the fashion risks she takes and the confidence the girl exudes, we just love her. Helen Mirren Tresses is one of the most popular search terms on Google and we know why; the girl flaunts an effortless hairstyle that frames her encounter and shows it off. Minimal amount of layers plus long side-swept bangs make this an easy-to-maintain look that would be amazing for any facial structure and age.

picture via  Better After 50

14. Kristen Wiig’ s Chin Frank

Short Hairstyle pertaining to Brown and Red Hair | Makeup Tutorials

Kristen Wiig’ s chin-length bob is so pretty and stylish. This is actually the perfect haircut for heart-shaped or oval faces, since it helps elongate the neck without making your head appearance too round or block-ish.

image via  Huffington Post

15. Monica Belluci’ s Doll Hair

Long and Straight Curly hair Ideas for Middle-Aged Women | Makeup Tutorials

Again, simply because you’ re “ getting older” doesn’ t imply you have to abandon long hair and sport designated “ haircuts for older women, ” such as the soccer mother or Kate Gosselin look. Just look at Monica Bellucci, who is 50 years old and has never looked better! The girl long hair is so beautiful, regal, and great for any kind of face shape! Feel like a Queen and let hair grow!

image via  Zastavki

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Therefore , which one of these  haircuts for older women  had been your favorite? Are you all set and ready for your next look? We’ re sure you’ ll look fantastic! Let us know which usually hairstyle you went with in the comments section beneath and don’ t be afraid to send us pictures of the transformation!

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Editor’ s Note – This post was originally published within June  2015 and has been updated for quality plus relevancy.

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