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fifteen Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Ombre is here to stay and to make sure you don’ t miss out on among hair color’ s hottest trends, we’ ve combined this list of amazing ombre hair color ideas to encourage your next look!

Ombre Hair Color | The Coolest Hairspiration Ideas

Do you love colours? You and I both!   I have fun changing hair colors and really enjoy mixing it up when it comes to my hair. But , I gotta tell you, the best part of the ombre curly hair color trend is its versatility and ridiculously simple maintenance!   With this hairstyle, you are ready for any time of year and  you don’ t even have to style your hair daily too because your ombre hair color will give your hair the wonder it needs to look effortlessly beautiful all season long! Have a look at these awesome ombre hair color ideas I got to suit your needs today:

Tips and advice to naturally condition and care for your hair.


Don't let yourself get caught short with dull colour and unruly hair.

1 . Lilac Blonde Reverse Ombre | Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Lilac Blonde Invert Ombre | 15 Ombre Hair Color Ideas inch width=
image via minthairstudio

Ombre hair could be bold, or not. The choice is yours and the possibilities are usually endless. If going with a bold, bright colored look, set your hue with an opposing color for hi-def comparison like blonde and lilac! The one above is actually an invert ombre where the upper part is lighter– another great ombre hair color idea to try out!

second . Peacock Tail Ombre  | Ombre Hair Color Concepts

Peacock Tail Ombre | 15 Ombre Hair Colour Ideas
image via  aniawaznycreative/Instagram

I’ ve always marveled at exactly how beautiful a peacock’ s tail is! The colours, the mixture of those colors, and how a peacock often works its tail from the moment she opens it towards the time she struts her stuff. Well, enough from the beautiful peacock, let’ s focus on this peacock tail-inspired hair color, which I think is just as marvelous!

3. Galaxy Ombre  | Ombre Hair Color Tips

Galaxy Ombre | 15 Ombre Hair Color Suggestions
image via seasonssalonanddayspa

Channel the particular cosmic skies with the ever popular galaxy hair ombre! Cosmic blue and purple ombre is always a huge favorite because of the cool tones. However , I specifically picked this because of the added burgundy color at the bottom… because actually, there are also red lights in the cosmic skies too… and am just really love the shift from blue to blue to burgundy!

4. Blue and Eco-friendly Ombre  | Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Blue plus Green Ombre | 15 Ombre Hair Color Suggestions
image via guy_tang/Instagram

Sure. I’ m also a fan from the mermaid hair ombre (aqua blue and green), yet it’ s a tad too bright for the liking. And so, I found another one that suits my taste so much better. This blue and green ombre is definitely something I’ d like to wear someday. I find the color combination to be cooler on the eyes. It doesn’ t get as much attention as the classic mermaid hair ombre, yet I think there’ s a lot of people who will really find this particular cool too!

5. Classic Ombre  | Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Classic Ombre | fifteen Ombre Hair Color Ideas
image via Lauren Britt

This is when it all started ladies. The classic brown ombre is unquestionably a keeper! If you don’ t like bold, shiny or pastel colors, then classic really is for you.   This ombre look is perfect for everyday, casual wear, but still suitable  for any occasion and outfit.

six. Bright Rainbow Ombre  | Ombre Hair Color Concepts

Bright Rainbow Ombre | 15 Ombre Hair Colour Ideas
image via  colorfulhai-r/Tumblr

On the other hand, if subtle is not part of nice hair vocabulary, then this bright rainbow ombre definitely is! Using the perfect combination of brilliant colors, this look is for the striking, daring, and those wanting a dramatic change. Positive vibes all around gals!

7. Pastel Rainbow Ombre  | Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Pastel Rainbow Ombre | 15 Ombre Hair Color Ideas
image via  Tasha Leelyn/Youtube

Are you in love with the rainbow ombre but want to get it down a notch? I suggest the pastel rainbow ombre! Ditch the bright colors and opt for pastel… since pastel can be heart !

8. Burgundy Red Ombre  | Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Burgundy Red Ombre | 15 Ombre Hair Color Ideas
picture via  syd_viicious/Instagram

This beautiful burgundy red ombre seem gives off a smoldering, dying embers color. We like the dark hue and feel this is the perfect combination of strong and delicate. I’ ve always been a fan of red, I believe it’ s a very fierce colors to wear… very empowering if you ask me!


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9. Pink to Red Ombre  | Ombre Hair Color Concepts

Purple to Red Ombre | 15 Ombre Tresses Color Ideas
image via  evalam_/Instagram

So by now if you don’ t really want to go the red route, you are able to mix red with purple too! Purple and reddish colored are two colors that looks beautiful combined. I ought to know, I’ ve done this on my tresses and got so many compliments for it too!

10. Fiery Ombre  | Ombre Hair Color Suggestions

Fiery Ombre | 15 Ombre Hair Color Suggestions
image via  hairbykaseyoh/Instagram

Oh, hail thee mother of dragons! Are you a fan of Daenerys Targaryen through Game of Thrones? She might be a platinum golden-haired there, but I think this fiery orange ombre may be the perfect hair color for her. So if you want fierce plus fiery, get this hair color ombre now!

11. Blonde and Pink Ombre  | Ombre Tresses Color Ideas

Blonde and Pink Ombre | fifteen Ombre Hair Color Ideas
image via  laurencalaway/Instagram

Definitely, one of my ultimate faves (but cannot wear) is the blonde and pink ombre. It’ s i9000 really a gorgeous combination because of the lightness of pink mixes beautifully with blond hair. So if you’ re the blonde-haired gal, pink is surely a color on the table!

12. Pink and Peach Ombre  | Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Pink and Peach Ombre | 15 Ombre Hair Color Ideas
image via  modernsalon/Instagram

Strawberry peach sherbet anyone? This locks color does remind of ice cream, a cold nice one on a hot summer’ s day. While golden-haired and pink work  great, you can add a touch of peach designed for something uniquely different! Looks quite tasty too, don’ t you think?

13. Orange to Red Ombre | Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Orange in order to Pink Ombre | 15 Ombre Hair Color Suggestions
image via Bonnie McKee

And before I leave the particular realm of pinks, oranges, and peaches, I provide you with this one! Isn’ t this gorgeous? Fiery orange at the top then slowly fades into a pastel pink at the curly hair ends… this is what you call #hairgoals! Dare to be various? This is the ombre hair color you need!

fourteen. Black and Gray  | Ombre Hair Color Tips

Black and Gray | 15 Ombre Hair Colour Ideas
image via  laurencalaway/Instagram

Now for those who are fans of silver or gray tresses , I’ m with you ladies! This black plus gray ombre mix dark and light, a juxtaposed ombre that is only for the bold and courageous. Wish to go edgy? Look no further! This is the hair color for you!

15. Gray with Pastel  | Ombre Locks Color Ideas

Gray with Pastel | 15 Ombre Hair Color Ideas
image via guy_tang/Instagram

To cap away from this list, I was looking for a gray and pastel ombre… something like gray and light pink or gray plus light purple. But while researching, I found something better… way better! Can you believe this ombre hair colour? It’ s sooo  beautiful! I really hope I can recreate this look someday!


Having ombre hair color will require appropriate hair care and color maintenance. Learn how to care for your own colored hair from Wengie:

Changing hair color is a really fun thing to do! Not just does it give you a new aura, it also gives you new discovered confidence to work your ombre hair color! There are so many ombre hair color ideas online, but if you need help selecting, there’ s only one tip I can give you: follow your own heart! Whatever color your heart wants now, do it now! You have to love your hair color and it should make you feel great too!

What’ s your favorite ombre hair color from this list? Please share with us within the comments section below!

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Editor’ s Note – This post had been originally published in May 2015 and has been updated with regard to quality and relevancy.

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