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Find One Smoky Eye Shadow Palette Used Four Various ways

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Skin Tone: Deep with a neutral undertone

How To: My goal was to create a frosty, gradient effect. First, use an  eyeshadow primer  from the base of the lids towards the right below the brow bones. This helps keep the darkness in place all day long. Next, spritz a small, densely-packed eye darkness brush with water to ensure a more intense pigment compensation. Start with the pearl color and lightly pat everything over your lids. With an angled brush, dust the particular shimmery gray shadow in a “V” shape along the external corners of the eyes. Then, dab the matte grilling with charcoal shade in the creases using the same angled brush, yet this time using a windshield wiping motion. Layer the plum shadow on top of the pearl shadow right in the center of the particular lids. Grab an eyeliner brush and trace the particular plum shade along your lower lash lines. Include a couple coats of mascara to complete the look.

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