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Find out about CND Shellac

What is Shellac?

Give your clients a superior service with the SHELLAC® Brand name 14+ Day Nail Color system. The system features a bottom coat, color coat and top coat- and the brand new exclusive CND ® LED Lamp. Choose from over ninety fashion-inspired shades, or layer different shades to create a customized. Our layering guides (or Shellac “ Recipes” such as we like to call them) will help you create one-of-a-kind appears in no time.

The SHELLAC ® Brand is constantly on the set itself apart from the competition with its 1) effortless, glide-on application, 2) 14+ days of high-performance wear, 3) spectacular crystal shine, 4) amazing 5-minute removal and most importantly… … 5) no nail damage!

SHELLAC ® can be removed in as little as 5 minutes with the CND ® Foil Remover Wraps and SHELLAC ® Nourishing Removal. The Nourishing Remover drenches nails and cuticles within macadamia and vitamin E oils, never drying skin or even nails.

Another superstar of the line may be the CND ® LED Lamp. It truly is a next generation DIRECTED Light. The unique lamp design cures all 5 fingertips (or toes) in half the time. CND’ s 3C Technologies ™ optimizes light, energy and time to give your clients optimum shine and the long wear they crave. The secret may be the use of optic mirrors that target exposure to the toe nail. This is the only lamp designed to completely cure SHELLAC® Brand name 14+ Day Nail Color.

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