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Find out about CND Vinylux

What is Vinylux?

No time to cure with a lamp? No need with VINYLUX ®! VINYLUX ® Weekly Polish delivers week-long put on with brilliant shine that lasts! The fast-drying formulation is chip-resistant, and has increased durability with natural light. Accessible in over 100 fashion-inspired shades to change your look (or your own client’ s) as often as desired! It’ s an easy 2-step application (VINYLUX® Weekly Polish and Weekly Best Coat)- No base coat needed!

The customer’ s favorite part is the removal. No placing, foils or dreaded drills. Simply have your customers wash their hands with soap and water. Therapeutic massage some COOLBLUE ® into the skin to cleanse and stop spreading of germs. Then saturate a plastic-backed, lint-free pad with CND ® SHELLAC ® Nourishing Removers. Hold the pad over the nail plate to gently break down the polish. Use firm pressure and a circular movement to lift the color off the nail. Then rub once more with a pad saturated in Nourishing Remover to remove any kind of residue. And that is it! No hassle. Just long-wear, outstanding color that helps your clients reinvent themselves, weekly.

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