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five Easter Makeup Tutorials to Try on Easter Sunday

Along with Easter Sunday coming up, do you already have your go-to Easter makeup? We want you to look elegantly beautiful on this big day so we’ ve rounded up 5 looks you can test!

Easter Makeup Tutorials | Fun and Gentle Looks for Easter

I’ m sure you tend to be more than aware of the fact that Easter isn’ t the best time to decorate your smokiest eye shadows   or dark purple lip. Rather than taking the risk, play it safe with some looks that will range from neutral to pink to pastel. These appears play to the individual styles of makeup lovers all over the world, therefore you’ ll be sure to find the right one before Easter Weekend. Plus, it’ s springtime ladies, this is also a good time to work your glowing makeup looks and no-makeup make-up looks. Because it’ s Easter, keeping it acquire, simple, and natural  are key.


1 . Kelly Strack Easter Makeup Guide

Kelly Strack Easter Makeup Tutorial | 5 Makeup Lessons to Try on Easter Sunday

Whoever knew that doing a natural glam look can be done? This Easter Sunday , you can go glam and natural at the same time. Of course , this particular isn’ t really the best time to go full-on glam, particularly if you’ re having Easter dinner with the family. However in this tutorial, you can get the best of both worlds!

For this look, the eye makeup really does seal the offer. Pick a neutral color of your choice and apply on the covers. Since this is a natural glam look, you can do a bit of a smokey eye, but do not overdo it. Adding a bit of theatre is the false eyelashes, which is really optional. I prefer putting on just mascara for events like this, but if you like putting on falsies, then go ahead! For the face, just keep it basic with light contour and highlight.

Figure out how to do the complete look here:


2 . Lauren Curtis’ Neon Pink Lip area Spring Easter Makeup Tutorial

Lauren Curtis' Neon Pink Lip area Spring Easter Makeup Tutorial | 5 Makeup Lessons to Try on Easter Sunday

Let’ s not forget ladies that Easter Sunday drops on the spring season, which means that it’ s a-okay to include some pop of color to your look. If the initial tutorial puts the spotlight on the eyes. In this one particular, we’ re putting the spotlight on your pout!

To get this look, you have to go really simple within the face. Apply your foundation, concealer, and powder as always. On the eyes, just pick a really light color for that lids. Add depth to the eyes with an eyeliner. Because the eyes are very simple, wake it up with several films of mascara on your upper and lower lashes. Finish off the look using a neon pink, fuchsia, or hot pink lipstick. Plus there you go, you have a basic, simple springtime makeup that’ s Easter Sunday appropriate too!

View the full tutorial here:


3. Christen Dominique’ s Soft Spring Easter Makeup Tutorial

Christen Dominique's Soft Spring Easter Makeup Guide | 5 Makeup Tutorials to Try on Easter Sunday

For women with tan epidermis or olive skin, this is the Easter makeup you’ deb want to try. I really like it since the look is soft plus fresh! That eyeshadow also looks great on everybody.

How to do this? The tricky part is in the particular eyes, actually. You have to create a gradient effect, which means that you need to blend eyeshadow above the crease as usual. You’ deb also want to extend it further outward. The best eyeshadow must be in the shade of pink and you should blend it carefully. You don’ t want to have any kind of harsh lines as you’ re going for a gradient impact, remember? For the lips, you can go for a nude matte lippie, but one that won’ t make you look pale. The actual usual contouring and highlighting. Be careful not to go overboard especially if you come with an Easter luncheon.

Check out the step-by-step tutorial right here:


4. Daily Look-Inspired Easter Makeup Tutorial

Everyday Look-Inspired Easter Makeup Guide | 5 Makeup Tutorials to Try on Easter Sunday

Now for those who want to forget the drama, you’ d be happy to go for a regular natural look for Easter Sunday. But still, that doesn’ big t mean that you’ ll look pale as a ghost. It’ s just about knowing where to add color to nevertheless look fresh!

Apply foundation and concealer like you normally would. As for the eyes, pick a champagne color for the lids. You can use a darker color for the -wrinkle, but it’ s best to keep it light all around. Collection the eyes with black eyeliner and finish off along with mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. For the lip area, go for something nude but a shade that won’ t make you look flushed.

Get ready for Easter with this video:


5. Kallie Kaiser Natural Glowy Easter Makeup Guide

Kallie Kaiser Natural Glowy Easter Makeup Tutorial | five Makeup Tutorials to Try on Easter Sunday

Do you have beautiful skin? This is the time to show this off girl! Your skin care investment is paying off as spring plus summer is the best time to show the world how beautiful the skin is. What better way to do that than to rock the no-makeup look that will still make you look excellent!

This look is very simple to do. For the most part, you just need to apply makeup lightly. There’ s no need to go full dental coverage plans here. For the eyes, an eyeshadow close to the skin may suffice, but we suggest you use a shimmer a single. There’ s also no need for eyeliner, just make the particular eyes pop with mascara. For the lips, a naked gloss will do as well. But let me tell you, to pull off the trend, you will definitely need to highlight. Highlight the forehead, bridge from the nose, cupid’ s bow, chin, below the brow bone, and on the apples of your cheeks. That’ s i9000 the best way to get that natural glow for this soft appear.

Watch how to this look here:

Easter Sunday is a time you’ d prefer to spend with loved ones. It’ s not just about the celebrations and the good food. More than these, it’ s partying the true meaning of Easter together with your family and friends. While this isn’ t the best time to go for dramatic and super fashion looks, just have fun doing spring makeup that’ s i9000 all about the natural colors and glowing skin . Actually, if Easter has ended, you can still make these looks your go-to springtime makeup as well. Happy Easter everyone!

What’ s your favorite look here? Please let us know within the comments section below!

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Editor’ s Note – This post was originally released in March 2016 and has been updated for high quality and relevancy.

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