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five Gorgeous Messy Updos For Long Hair

Heading somewhere? These stunning messy updos for long tresses have got you covered.

5 Messy Updos for Long Hair

Be it spring, summer time, fall or winter, messy updos would be the star of each and every occasion . You can wear an updo for the laziest of days or rock it on your big day. They’ re unique, stylish, romantic and, more often than not, quite edgy. It’ s no wonder they’ re everywhere!

If you want to take your updo one step further directly into #hairgoals status, you need to take a look at these hairstyle tutorials which are easy, beautiful, and transformative. Take a look below to see which usually updo is your favorite.

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1 . Tuxedo Braid Bun

The tuxedo braid bun is really a stylish messy updo with a twist of braids. Put it on a hot day at the beach or to a fun evening with friends.

Tuxedo Braid Bun Tutorial | 5 Messy Updos meant for Long Hair, check it out at
Stylish tuxedo braid bun tutorial. IMAGE VIA Make-up Wearables

2 . Messy Aspect Bun Updo

A casual messy side bun that can be done in a few easy steps. Add an accessory for extra style.

Messy Side Bun Updo | 5 Messy Updos for Long Tresses, check it out at
Messy side bun updo for a casual trip to work. IMAGE VIA Pop Haircuts

3. Pretty Big Mohawk

Create a pretty big mohawk without cutting your hair with this tutorial. Ideal for weddings or vintage-themed parties!

Pretty Big Mohawk Tutorial | 5 Untidy Updos for Long Hair, check it out at
An elegant mohawk meant for parties and formal occasions. IMAGE VIA Promise Tangeman

four. Twisted Messy Updo Tutorial

A simple plus classy updo for girls with short hair.   With  simple twists and teasing, you’ ll look your very best at your next big business meeting.

DIY Twisted Messy Updo | five Messy Updos for Long Hair, check it out at
Tousled untidy updo for big client meetings. IMAGE VIA Styles Weekly

5. Twist + Tuck Messy Updo

This updo might look very complicated but think me, it’ s very simple to master. Take your messy bun to the next level with this tutorial.

Twist & Tuck Messy Updo | 5 Messy Updos for Long Hair, check it out from
The simplest updo for a weekday morning. IMAGE VIA The Beauty Section

Which of these messy updos will be your favorite?

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Editor’ s Note – This post was originally published in March 2016 and it has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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