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five Must-Have Eyeshadow Brushes

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As beauty lovers, we find ourselves admiring eye shadows in magazines, on TV, & on social media every now and then. The particular “ I wish I could do that” or “ How do they get it to look like that? ” thoughts normally cross our minds when we do see these pieces of art, but I’ ve always believed that the correct equipment make any job easier, and makeup is no exclusion. Makeup brushes make your application way less complicated because they are made to do the work for you… The catch is knowing which usually makeup brushes you need. Here are my 5 MUST HAVE brushes that will make your eye makeup look flawless, make your application simpler, and have people admiring YOUR eyeshadow!

NOTE: All the brushes I’ ve chosen are from MAC Cosmetics for demonstration purposes just. Similar style brushes from any brand will unquestionably work. It doesn’ t have to be expensive to be affective and if you can find a dupe brush for way much less, GO FOR IT GIRL!

Mixing Brush / MAC 217

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Image via Nordstrom

Every beauty lover should personal a blending brush! Why? You’ ll need this particular little guy to fit perfectly into the crease and plug of the eye. It blends any shadows you choose for your area and smooths it into the crease perfectly.

(P. S. This brush also doubles to assist cover acne with concealer. Give it a try! )

  1. Tapered Mixing Brush (AKA The Fluffy Brush) / MAC 224


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Image through Nordstrom

This brush mixes the shadow on a larger scale meaning it addresses more surface area. I like to use it on my upper crimp area, as well as in the crease. You’ ll find that this diffuses harsh lies, blends colors into each other effortlessly, and smooths out the shadow in areas it might look clumpy. This brush is a total game player!

TIP: If you tilt this brush upwards with the tip pressed into your crease it’ ll perform all the blending for you.

Flat Shader Brush / MAC 247


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Image via Nordstrom

This brush may look ordinary however it is SO necessary for the eye lid, which is where most times the particular WOW factor is! It packs shadow, cream darkness, or glitter onto the lid and smooths this out for a perfect application. Use a patting motion to apply dark areas onto the lid with this brush.

Short Shader Brush / MAC 214

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Image via Mac Cosmetics

When applying eye shadow, everybody concentrates on the cover, but it’ s important not to forget about the lower eyelash line. This brush ensures that you get a perfect application to that particular lower lash! It smudges liner, smooths shadows underneath the lash line, and is small enough to apply an emphasize to the inner corner of the eye.

Small Angled Brush / MAC 266

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Image via Nordstrom

If it wasn’ t for this brush, my winged liner would almost never turn out perfect. It has a smooth, liquid application that every perfect eye shadow look needs. This particular brush also guarantees a perfect winged liner that WON’ T take hours, and applies liner perfectly in order to both the top and bottom lash line. It’ h absolutely a MUST HAVE!

These brushes will not only change your appearance, but change they’ ll change the way you think about using your makeup! Because they almost do all the work for you, it’ s essential to grab similar style brushes to help together with your everyday makeup routine. Trust me, you WON’ T feel dissapointed it!

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