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five Must Try Easy Makeup Tutorials From PixiWoo | Makeup Tutorials

Occasionally we need quick and easy makeup tutorials to follow. If you’ lso are running late  or just want to keep it simple, try these types of easy makeup looks from Pixiwoo!

Simple Makeup Tutorials You Can Do in  10 Minutes or Less

For days when we’ re in a hurry or just desire our face to take a breather, we rely on our own go-to quick and easy looks. Now when I say quick and easy, I’ meters not even kidding here! I’ ve rounded up 5 of the easiest looks from one of our favorite YouTube vloggers Pixiwoo, and you can do these looks in less than 10 minutes! Don’ t believe me? Check out these easy makeup tutorials for organic, daytime, and nighttime looks.


1 . Easy Natural Makeup | Easy Make-up Tutorials

Need to run some errands yet do not want to look like you just got out of bed? This can probably be your new go-to easy makeup look!

Easy Organic Makeup | 5 Must Try Easy Makeup Lessons From PixiWoo
images through Pixiwoo/YouTube

Here’ s how to pull it off:

Step 1 : Apply foundation and fill in eyebrows.

If you’ re really in a rush, you can apply foundation using your fingers. Gently apply the building blocks on the entire face. Once done, work on filling in your own eyebrows.

Step 2:   Apply concealer

Sometimes  foundation  is enough but if you are feeling the need to apply concealer under the eyes, you can use your band finger to do so. You can also apply concealer on the lids in the event that needed. This will help brighten your eyes, especially if you have darkish undereye circles.

Step 3: Apply wimperntusche.  

When doing simple and organic makeup looks, it is very important to apply mascara on the lashes even though you don’ t have eyeliner. Mascara makes the eyes take!

Step 4: Apply blush and lips balm.

We highly recommend using a lighter in weight shade of blush for this look, perhaps a soft red or peach depending on what suits your skin tone. Therefore apply blush on the apples of your cheek and complete with a lip balm/lip gloss. Pick a balm or shine with a tint of color so your face doesn’ big t appear washed-out.

And there you have this, an easy makeup tutorial for a natural look! Here’ t the finished look:

Pixiwoo Easy Natural Makeup | 5 Must Try Easy Makeup Tutorials From PixiWoo
image via Pixiwoo/YouTube

If you need more help with the steps, check out the video beneath:


second . Quick Everyday Makeup  | Easy Makeup Tutorials

Let’ s just face it, mornings are usually pretty hectic. If you’ re a mom, you’ ll make the most out the rare  10 minutes you get. So this is another quick and easy make-up tutorial for those who need a super simple and easy-to-do everyday appearance!

Quick Everyday Makeup | 5 Must Try Simple Makeup Tutorials From PixiWoo
image via Pixiwoo/YouTube

Listed here are the steps:

Step 1 : Apply concealer, liquid foundation or BB cream.

Some women do not like wearing foundation in the morning while some aren’ t bothered with it. In any case, start by applying foundation, BB cream, or just concealer, whichever you prefer. Now if you feel like you will need a bit more coverage, you can use powder foundation on top.

Step 2: Fill in the eyebrows and apply wimpernbetonung.

Using an eyebrow pencil, fill in your own eyebrows. You can also use an eyebrow gel to smoothen out there the hair. After that, curl your lashes and apply  a good ample amount of mascara.

Step 3: Use a lip conditioner or lip balm.

In this tutorial, lip conditioner was used on the particular lips to give it a nice, subtle glow. However , in case you prefer using a lip balm or gloss, that will be great too.

Step 4: Finish off with rose or bronzer.

If you want a bit of a sunkissed glow, you can apply bronzer.   Dust off some bronzer on the forehead, cheeks, and other parts of the face. If you want to maintain it simple, a light blush is good.

Plus that’ s it, you already have another quick daily look to do! Here’ s the finished look:

Pixiwoo Quick Everyday Makeup | 5 Must Attempt Easy Makeup Tutorials From PixiWoo
image via Pixiwoo/YouTube

Check out the step-by-step guide here:


3.   Perfect Easy Smokey Eye Makeup  | Easy Makeup Tutorials

Everybody needs to learn to do the smokey eye . Yes, even makeup beginners! But don’ t be concerned, this perfect smokey eye  is so easy, it takes lower than 5 minutes to pull off!

Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup | five Must Try Easy Makeup Tutorials From PixiWoo
picture via Pixiwoo/YouTube

Let’ s begin!

Step 1 :   Apply eyeliner and blend.

Usually, smokey eye makeup will require the use of dark eye shadow. But since we’ re taking the easy route, a Kohl pencil is the perfect tool. Cover the eyelids plus lash line (upper and lower) with Kohl pad. Don’ t worry, as this type of pencil is gentle and is great for buffing. After application, get an eye shadow brush and buff the color into the lids as well as the underside lash line.

Step 2: Line the particular lash lines again.

Since this is an intense eye makeup look, line the upper and lower eyelash line again with your Kohl pencil. This time, making sure that a person cover the inner corner of the eye.

Step 3: Apply eyeshadow and line.

Now apply eyeshadow over the lid and underneath the eye. In this tutorial, Pixiwoo used a shimmery darkish olive green eyeshadow.   You can also use other darkish shades of shadow if you want. After the eyeshadow, get your Kohl pencil and line the outer corner of the attention and then buff again.

Step 4: Use mascara and define the eyes more.

Next, apply mascara on your top and base lashes. Follow that up with applying a bit of a peach coloured blush on the socket of the eyes. This will help define the particular smokey eye makeup more.

Step five: Fill in the brows and wear false eyelashes.

To finish the look, fill in the brows and set on falsies. Although wearing false eyelashes is optionally available, it definitely adds drama to the eyes in an instant!

So there you have it, easy and perfect smokey eyes for your night out! Check out the finished look:

Pixiwoo Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup | 5 Must Try Simple Makeup Tutorials From PixiWoo
image via Pixiwoo/YouTube

Watch the full tutorial right here:


four.   Easy Blake Lively Makeup Look  | Simple Makeup Tutorials

Why a Blake Vibrant look you ask? It’ s because every time all of us see her, her skin looks healthy and glowing… and that is the perfect look we need to learn this spring!

Pixiwoo Easy Blake Lively Makeup Look | 5 Must Test Easy Makeup Tutorials From PixiWoo
image via Pixiwoo/YouTube

To do this look, follow these steps:

The first step : Apply BB cream  and concealer

Using foundation can look heavy for this look, so let’ s opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer rathan than. Remember, we want to achieve a dewy look and not a dull finish. Now apply concealer under the eyes to hide black colored undereye circles for a healthier look.

Step 2: Apply eyeshadow.

Use a topless eyeshadow as your base eyeshadow and blend all over the motorcycle and under the eyes. Add a bit of shimmer as well therefore, the eyes won’ t look too flat. Just don’ t overdo the shimmer. Remember, Blake Lively looks like mother doesn’ t wear tons of makeup and it’ amazing always a natural glowing look with her.

Step 3: Apply eyeliner.

Using an eye liner pencil, apply eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye lids and then blend it– just to give the eye more detail. Also put eyeliner on the bottom lashline, just a quarter through the way from the outer corner. Blend it as well.

Step 4: Apply mascara and fill in some brows.

Apply mascara on the top but also bottom lashes and proceed with filling in the eyebrows.

Step 5: Apply blush and lip stick.

It’ s all about the fresh and in addition glowing makeup so we’ re sticking to a soft bluish blush. Apply on the apples of the cheeks and then  apply a pink shade of lipstick as well. It’ s best to go for lipstick that has a bit of shimmer and then shine.

Woot! Wasn’ t that simple? Now we can recreate Blake Lively’ s natural in addition to the glowing makeup anytime! Here’ s the finished looks:

Easy Blake Lively Makeup Look | 5 Ought to Try Easy Makeup Tutorials From PixiWoo
image via Pixiwoo/YouTube

If you need additionally help with the steps, please watch the video below:


5. Easy Scarlett Johansson Glamour Makeup  | Easy Makeup Tutorials

So we’ ve covered the Blake Lively visual appeal, let’ s move on to the Scarlett Johansson look may be bolder and more glam.

Easy Scarlett Johansson Glamour Cosmetic Look | 5 Must Try Easy Makeup Lessons From PixiWoo
image via Pixiwoo/YouTube

Here are the steps:

Step 1 : Apply foundation and fill in this particular brows.

For a glam look, you have something with more coverage so we need to use foundation with one. Apply foundation with a foundation brush to make sure point is blended well. Next, fill in the brows provided eyebrow pencil. Don’ t make the brows to dark-colored, the brows just need definition.

Step two:   Apply eyeshadow.

In this lesson, Pixiwoo used the Urban Decay primer potion as it came up with shimmery nude finish to it. But if you have other parallel eyeshadow at home, that’ s fine. So apply it upon lid. And then get a black eyeshadow and line our own lashline using an angled brush. Extend the line to create a show or a wing.

Step 3: Apply antifaz and wear false eyelashes.

It’ s a glam look so we need our eyelashes to be fabulous too. Apply several coats of caratula and then wear false eyelashes to add drama to the attention.

Step 4: Apply concealer and impression.

Apply concealer under the eyes as well as anywhere you think you need it. You must achieve flawless shade with this look. After that, apply blush on the cheeks.

Step 5: Apply powder and lipstick.

Apply pressed powder or finishing powdered ingredients over the face to set the makeup and hold this tool in place. And then, finish off the look by applying red lipstick.

Wow!   I didn’ t accept you can do a glam look this easy! I love this situation! Here’ s the finished look:

Pixiwoo Uncomplicated Scarlett Johansson Glamour Makeup Look | 5 Ought to Try Easy Makeup Tutorials From PixiWoo
image via Pixiwoo/YouTube

For a more in depth step-by-step guide, watch this video:

I don’ t know about you but I always enjoyed these easy makeup tutorials! Although I love cherish love makeup, there are those days that doing a full-face foundations is just a no-no. But still, I don’ t want to go out in the open looking like I didn’ t even groom my eye-brows! Anyhow, these easy makeup looks will definitely make a lifetime easier and shall help you look your best even with small to medium sized effort. Enjoy ladies!

What’ h your favorite easy makeup tutorial from this list? Do you have alternate go-to looks that are easy and simple to do? Sound off included in the comments below!

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