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five Pretty Korean Makeup Tutorials You Must Try

Do you wish to learn how to do Korean makeup? Let’ s take a break from your usual makeup tutorials and celebrate the beauty and originality of Korean makeup today!

Korean Makeup  Tutorials You’ d Want to Bookmark Now

Just like Western makeup, Korean makeup has its own tradition. No makeup style is better and it’ s very fun to actually flip-flop between these different looks every now and then. I personally love Korean makeup and skincare, I think they’ re one of the best in the world. I like how Koreans are very spiritual with their skincare regimen and my goodness, their efforts really does display through their perfect dewy skin. Well, we can try to recreate the Korean makeup look. So today, I’ m sharing with you five of my favorite Korean make-up tutorials and here they are:


1 . Everyday Look | Korean Makeup Tutorials

Everyday Look | 5 Pretty Korean Makeup Tutorials You need to Try
image via  PONY Makeup/YouTube

If there’ s one notable thing about Korean makeup, it’ s that they like to keep it simple and natural– like your makeup is barely there, but there are suggestions of color and here and there just to brighten up the face area. Koreans like their go-to everyday natural look as it  illustrates their beautiful skin! This Korean makeup tutorial in the ever popular PONY is definitely the look you can start with.


2 . Glam Smokey Wine red | Korean Makeup Tutorials

Glam Smokey Burgundy | 5 Pretty Korean Makeup Tutorials You Must Try
image via  sichenmakeupholic/YouTube

Got a party or formal occasion coming soon? Provide this glam smokey burgundy look a try! You don’ t have to have purple hair honey, but if you feel such as wearing contact lenses, you’ re going to look fierce! Koreans love wearing contacts as this helps make their eyes appear bigger and well because colored contact lenses are enjoyable to wear too! Match burgundy eyeshadow with gray connections, you’ ll look irresistibly sexy!


3.   Peach Makeup | Korean Makeup Tutorials

Peach Makeup | 5 Pretty Korean Makeup Tutorials You Must Try
image via STYLENADA/YouTube

What a fitting makeup tutorial we now have here. Peach is an awesome color for spring plus summer and here’ s a Korean take on peach makeup . Truth is, Koreans are fond of the colors peach and pink with regards to makeup because it complements their fair skin. Plus, these types of colors give the face a lively color without within a lot of makeup.


four. Edgy Grunge Look | Korean Makeup Tutorials

Edgy Grunge Look | 5 Pretty Korean Makeup Lessons You Must Try
image via  sichenmakeupholic/Youtube

Feeling adventurous tonight my dear? Or maybe, you’ lso are going to a concert soon? Rock this edgy grunge Korean look with Korean street-style outfits , why don’ t you? This particular makeup look goes easy on the eyes and attracts all the attention to the lips. I love the azure muted lipstick but I think dark muted purple works too. As what SiChen said, “ if you want to appear cute and badass, ” then this is the look to attempt!

Koreans also love their ideal cat eye eyeliner, like this one here!

Instagram Photo


5.   Bright Lips Look | Korean Make-up Tutorials

Bright Lips Look | 5 Pretty Korean Makeup Tutorials You Must Try
image via PONY Makeup/YouTube

While Koreans like to maintain their face makeup simple, often , they go for shiny lips. For this makeup tutorial, that’ s exactly what you’ ll see. But if you’ ll also notice, the trend is great for both daytime and nighttime. Actually, if you want to proceed bolder at night, go for a bright red lippie!


BONUS: More Korean Make-up Tutorials

We’ re not carried out yet makeup junkies, I’ m throwing in a few additional makeup tutorials for you today… just to make sure you got your own Korean makeup game locked down!

one Gradient Lips | Korean Makeup Tutorial

Gradient Lip area | 5 Pretty Korean Makeup Tutorials You Must Try
image via  zWinnieYap/Youtube

The lean lip is an original trend from Korean makeup. It’ s about using two different shades of lips color on the lips, with the outer parts lighter plus going darker at the center. There are several techniques to achieve this appear, but it’ s best to use a lip tint to obtain gradient lips. Nowadays, there are gradient lipsticks being sold as well!


2 . Dewy Pores and skin | Korean Makeup Tutorials

Dewy Skin | five Pretty Korean Makeup Tutorials You Must Try
image via sichenmakeupholic/Youtube

While American make-up is more about the matte finish, Korean makeup is about the particular dewy finish.   Dewy makeup recreates the perfect healthful skin look. And since we all do not wake up along with perfectly healthy looking skin (maybe the Koreans do), but at least we can try and make our skin appear that will way… all thanks to Korean makeup!


3. Straight Brows | Korean Make-up Tutorials

Straight Brows | 5 Pretty Korean Make-up Tutorials You Must Try
picture via  Wengie/Youtube

Another huge difference between Western and Korean make-up is the eyebrows. Western makeup is all about the high arch eye brows, while Korean makeup likes straight brows. What? Directly brows? Yes! It actually looks good on Koreans and gives that innocent look too! For Koreans, it’ s more natural-looking this way. Want to give it a try?


Want to master your Korean makeup look? Check out this fun video of the do’ s and don’ ts of Korean makeup through TheBeautyBreakdown:

It’ s fascinating to know about different makeup trends in different countries, you a new lot about the  culture and the people and with social media marketing nowadays, it just seems like the makeup artistry globe just got a lot bigger and I cannot be more than happy with this. Learning different techniques through different cultures is always the welcomed joy. So I hope you enjoy learning more about Korean make-up and have fun recreating this cute and pretty appears!

Which is Korean look using this list is your fave? Let me know in the comments section beneath!

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Editor’ t Note – This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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